Doo Doo’s Maple Bacon Tarts


Yes, another post about butter tarts!  As I am sure you can tell, I am a little obsessed with butter tarts.  I am not quite half way through the Butter Tart Tour ( I will finish it!) and have photographed, tasted and posted about each one.  Some amazing (like Doo Doo’s!), some good, and some not so good.

I have already done a post on Doo Doo’s Bakery, when I posted about their butter tarts, one of my favourites, from the Butter Tart Tour.  Doo Doo’s was our very first stop, let me tell you, very few have come close to theirs!  I was so impressed with their tarts I have made several, yes several trips back for more!  The one that really caught my attention was the Maple Bacon Tart.  I did mention this tart on the Tart Tour post, but this tart is so amazing it deserves a post of its very own!

The day of the tour I brought one of the bacon tarts home to try.  I honestly was not very optimistic, but it sounded interesting and it had bacon in it so I had to try it. I was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed on how delicious this tart was.  Honestly, I have been raving about it to anyone that will listen, telling them it is worth the drive to Bailieboro.  When they hear that there is really bacon in them, they turn their noses up and look at me like I am some sort of weirdo (well I might be, but not about this).  This is something that you can’t knock until you try it!  The tart is amazingly sweet and the salt from the bacon brings it to a whole new level.  I have been trying to get these tarts for about a month! Every time I went they were sold out, though I never went away empty handed or disappointed, I always picked up a few other treats.  Finally I made an order to be sure to get some.

This Tart won Best Specialty Tart

Just look at that, it looks perfect


Check out the perfectly amazing centre, its just the right consistency.


Runny, yet stiff enough to hold, so the whole thing doesn’t run down your arm…


Just a bit runs down your fingers!


It’s a thing of beauty, really.

I also picked up some of their Raspberry Coconut Tarts, I know my Poppa loves them so I picked him up a few.  I picked up more than a few because I had to try…

These were delicious!



Ottawa Treat…

This past weekend my parents were in Ottawa on a little weekend getaway.  While walking in the market they stumbled across The Cupcake Lounge.  Immediately they texted me to tell me of this place knowing I would be totally jealous!  I was quite intrigued because we do not have cupcake shops here.  Their website was beautiful!  I replied back with a small request, if they had time on departure day, would they PLEASE bring me one home.

Mom and Dad were there right at 11:00 am when the doors opened (my goodness they are good to me) to get my red velvet cupcake.


They were so cute! I could not wait to dive in!

The verdict… After all the anticipation I am sad to say,very disappointed 😦

The red velvet was very dry and tasteless.  The cream cheese icing was good but their was barely any of it.  It looked like it had a ton, but the cupcake had a very high dome and just a skim of icing.  The best part? the little chocolate on the top.

If in Ottawa I would give them another try, but a different flavour.

Some Ottawa Eats

This past weekend I spent some time in Ottawa with my Mom, we had a fantastic time and indulged in some wonderful food.  Here are a few of the items you just don’t see around Peterborough.  When in Ottawa you must go to the By Ward Market and try some of their wonderful foods

I spent alot of time in this store, The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  The smells coming form here were fantastic!

If that chocolate was not behind the counter I swear I would have put my mouth right under the flow haha…

They had many different types of covered apples.  This one really caught my eye, Carmel dipped, then Oreos stuck, drizzled with milk and white chocolate then more Oreos.  WOW

This one I just had to try.  Oreo Bark!  Wow was it tasty!

This sign was in the window of a homemade ice cream and hot dog hut.  Just thought it was funny.

If you are ever in Ottawa or anywhere else you see a Dunn’s Famous Deli you MUST eat there.   Their food was excellent.  They are known for their smoked meat sandwiches but have many other tasty selections, Mom had the homemade Mac’n Cheese, was excellent!

But this is what I ordered….

The best smoked meat sandwich I have ever had.  Mom, who does not like smoked meat – hence ordering the mac’n cheese, just loved it! She actually said she wished she had ordered one.  We shared it, it was Huge!  The meat was so moist, juicy and tender.  I will definitely be heading back to Dunn’s!

And Finally….

Beaver Tails, a deep fried dough that is to die for.  Ottawa is known for them, you can’t seem to get them many more places.  I always get the cinnamon sugar, but they have many others to choose from.

Naked Chocolate

If you live in the Peterborough area you must go to this store!

I have had alot of choclate in my day, but the chocolate here is fantastic.  When you walk in the first thing you notice is the aroma of chocolate….mmm then you spot the beautiful homemade chocolate.  I have never seen such a work of art.  Truffles, barks, specialty items or just simple chocolate!

Here are a few of the items I picked out.

Elegant and beautifully packaged

Milk Chocolate Truffles – Milk Chocolate ganache dipped in milk chocolate – these were amazing!

This next item was something that I simply could not pass up

Chocolate Covered Bacon!

Yes you read that correctly, chocolate covered bacon, they call them “Pig Tails”

Your probably thinking, EWWWW!  Honest to God it was good!

The sweet of the choclate and the salt of the bacon are quite a combination.  It is not something you would want every day, but a wonderful treat!

I will definitely be making my way back downtown to Naked Chocolate!

Food you just don’t See around here….

I was in New Jersey with my Fiance this past weekend for the the American Thanksgiving we had a great time and thought I would share some of the food we experienced, we we generally around here.

Deep Fried Macaroni

I first had these one of there first few times I was in Jersey, at the Cheesecake Factory and have been telling everyone back home about them ever since.   So this time I wanted to show everyone how wonderful they are.  I would love if they brought the chain to Canada, there food is very good, and huge!

I tell you they are to die for!  Some of the best macaroni and cheese I’ve had coated in bread crumbs and deep fried, topped off with a very nice creamy tomoatoe sauce.  I swear its heaven in your mouth!

As their name suggests they also have Cheesecake, lots of Cheesecake….

I choose the Snickers Cheesecake.  It is looking a little weathered because I had to get it to go…

After letting all that digest…the next day…..

I have heard so much about the Rutgers “Grease Trucks” home of the famous

Fat Cat Sandwiches

There are 5 “grease trucks” that sell amazing food that you could never imagine together.  For instance, I had the Fat Chicken….

Chicken, French Fries, Lettuce (they had to have some nutrition) onions and alot of mayo

Mike had a Fat Koko…

Steak, pizza sauce, mozz sticks, french fries and lettuce

Later that day we had Deep Fried Oreos! To die for! warm cookie and the icing is slightly melted, all wrapped in a funnel cake like batter!

Needless to say, I came home very full!  If I lived there I would weigh 800 pounds!  Great time and cant wait to go back!