Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste Final Cake

For my final cake I went with a Cala Lily theme.  I love Cala Lilies, they are beautiful.  For my first attempt at covering a cake I think it went pretty well.  There are a few things I need to work on, one area had a little puckering around the bottom,  but over all I think it looks pretty good, nice and smooth.  I must admit though the fondant tastes horrible.  for my next attempt I am going to try the homemade marshmallow fondant recipe that a few people in my class made, they said it taste pretty good.

Looking forward to the next cake class Flowers and Cake Design

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Wilton Fondant Class #2

This week we made 3 different flowers.

The Cala Lily, My favourite flower!

The Carnation

The Rose

Not bad for my first try

Wilton Fondant Class #1

I am trying my hand a something I never thought I would, fondant class.  I always said I wouldn’t use fondant but I have turned to the dark side.  Even though it tastes horrible it does help make your cakes looks alot better.  There are so many more things you can do to decorate your cake.

Here is what we did class #1

We started with a huge bow, it’s not a nice bow and I will probably never make it again.  The instructor even said it was not a great bow and would probably never use it lol she was right!  We also made a few bases for our flowers in class #2.