Pineapple Peeler


I love pineapple, but I hate cutting them up.  I always seem to waste so much or have all those little hard brown circles on the outside, yuck!  Most stores have pineapple available cored and sliced, but it is crazy expensive!

This weekend when I was at the Toronto Baking and Sweets show I bought a pineapple slicer, I am a sucker for gadgets.


Chop the top off


Start to screw in the slicer



All the way to the bottom


Pull it out



Remove the handle


Takes just the right amount




No waste! and so Easy!



Love the pineapple peeler!  I can’t believe how easy it was to use.  Very glad I tried this one.

My New Kitchen Toy


Introducing my new kitchen toy – A Grill Press Pan!  2 years ago for my birthday I got a Panini Press, I loved it while it lasted…first one lasted about 6 months, second one (replacement) maybe 8 months.  So I have been without Panini/grilled sandwiches for quite some time.  Last week I hosted a Pampered Chef Party and this was the Host Special (it was a steal!).  I was quite excited to give it a try.




I didn’t have a whole lot in the house so this is what I managed to put together… While the grill was preheating I prepared the sandwich. I made a garlic mayo, with turkey breast, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese


Butter is sizzling as soon as it hits the grill!


Doing its magic under the heavy press…


Looks fantastic!!



This sandwich was simple but so delicious!  I don’t know what happens to a sandwich when you put it in a grill press/panini press, but there is literally magic that goes on in there.  I have eaten this sandwich many, many times, but grilling it just brought it to a while new level.

I must say I think I like the stove top version much better then the electric one.  This one seemed to have more even heat and I was able to control the heat more, as I can see the flame and there is nothing to break down on this one.  The outside was beautifully crunchy adding such great texture to the sandwich.

I look forward to creating many, many more delicious sandwiches…stay tuned!

My 30th Birthday Present….

Any guesses?  It’s big, red, just like the box

drum rolllllllllllllll………………….

A KITCHEN AID MIXER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been wanting one of these for such a long time.  I am so excited!

Yes, I actually posed with my mixer, lol

Just imagine the creations  I can make now!  Look out Daring Bakers!

Garlic Roller

I have to admit I love kitchen gadgets.  I could spend hours looking around in kitchen stores admiring all the crazy things people have come up with.  My new favourite one is a Garlic Chopper by chef’n, it give the most perfect garlic without the smelly aroma left on your hands.  Let the pictures speak for them selves.

Now roll back and forth, back and forth etc etc……

Check out how it minces that garlic!  It’s beautiful!  I am in love with this little invention.

Christmas Gifts

All I really asked for for Christmas this year was an apron!  I am a VERY messy baker, the kitchen and myself end up a total disaster.  I will often strike into something on a whim and don’t think to change and will ruin a good shirt.  No longer a problem.  My fiance got me the best gift, not only is it an apron it is a personalized one with the name of my food blog embroidered on it! I love it!

I just love it! It won’t be white for long, soon it will be covered with everything imaginable!  Something I will treasure for a long time.

Thank you Mike!

My Brand New Stove!


Its been 3 weeks since my old stove died and the new one has arrived, and it is Fantastic!  I love it!  Looks like I will be able to make the October Daring Bakers Challenge after all.


Love the Giant 5th burner!


With a griddle insert


I intend on keeping it this clean…


Look how the middle rack comes apart.  Can cook 3 small things on the left and something tall on the right.  Genius!


I love that I can now hang my dishtowel on the oven door


lots of storage for baking stuff!

I can’t wait to start baking in it!

Thank you Mom and Dad…a.k.a The landlords


Oven is dead…


DSCN3938I am very sad to say that my oven died, not to mention it almost killed us!  Was giving of a ppm CO reading of 180!  But thanks to the CO detector,  nice firemen and the propane men we live to tell about it.  So as a result I have been oven-less…makes for a difficult time baking.  Hopefully (fingers crossed) things will be up and running next weekend.  I more than likely will be late on my Daring Bakers Challenge, but I will be doing it!