Mincemeat Tarts


Mincemeat, it even sounds gross.  I have never understood why something for dessert would be called ‘mincemeat’, it sounds more like a dinner item like little meat pies.  Mincemeat is a combination of dried fruits, spices and often spirits.  Originally mincemeat did contain meat but now only contains the meat fat or suet.  Many recipes replace the suet with vegetable shortening.

My family really enjoys mincemeat tarts, I have no idea why!  I can’t seem to get by the look or smell of it.  Every year when I ask what everyone would like made for Christmas, Mom always says ‘some mincemeat tarts would be nice’.  I have looked up recipes and my goodness it is quite a process!  It just looked daunting, especially since I hate it!  How selfish is that?!? Well…this year I happen to come across a jar of mincemeat at the grocery store, I was thrilled.  Later I find out this is very common and most people do not make their own.  Who knew?  I was still excited and dove right in.

Mincemeat Tarts


1 jar mincemeat

Directions: preheat oven to 450 °F

1.  Prepare your crust.  You can use pre-made tart shells or make your own.  I had some in the freezer that was left over from my last raisin pie, so I used that


2. Prepare your tart tins – remembering back to Pie Day with Gramma, coat each with butter


3. Cut your pastry to fit your tins


4. Open jar of mincemeat – the best part! lol



5.  Scoop into tart shells



7. Bake for 3 minutes then reduce heat to 350 °F and continue baking until crust is golden


8. Allow to cool and remove from tins


They look delicious, I am told they were, I will take their word for it 😉   I’m just happy that Mom finally got her mincemeat tarts and she really enjoyed them. Thank you President’s Choice and your jar of mincemeat!!

Butter Tarts

I would have to say that Butter Tarts are my all time favourite dessert.  If there is two deserts to choose from and Butter Tarts are one of the choices, Butter tarts will always win.   It was not until I traveled outside of Canada that I learned that Butter Tarts are traditionally a Canadian treat.  Let me tell you right now, the rest of you are missing out!!!  Even though they are called Butter Tarts, it’s not the butter that makes them so good its the brown sugar, and there is a lot of it.  If you don’t like things too sweet then Butter Tarts are not for you.

A true Butter Tart has very few ingredients, butter, sugar and eggs but there are many types depending what you fill them with.  Some like to add pecans, coconut, jam or raisins.  I like them all but the ones with nuts, nuts are for squirrels, not desserts!

In my lifetime I have consumed more than my fair share of Butter Tarts and consider myself to be a Butter Tart connoisseur.  I will eat just about any Butter Tart but I prefer a runny filling with raisins.  Over the years I have perfected the way in which I will eat a Butter Tart depending whether it is runny or firm.  The ones with firm filling, with consistency of a lemon tart) I will eat the crust all round the outside leaving only the bottom crust with a huge mount of filling to be savored.  As for the runny ones there is only one way to eat them, as fast as you can so you don’t lose any filling.  It isn’t pretty but necessary!

As I have tried many tarts my favourites have changed over the years but none have ever measured up to this one, Thanks to my good friend Lisa!  It is perfect, few ingredients, amazing flavour, sugary crunch on the bottom and oh so runny!!  When she makes them it is one thing I can not resist.  She was kind enough to share her recipe with me.

Lisa’s Butter Tarts

If you are a follower of mine then you will know I can’t make pie crust to save my life, until making Pasta Frolla in a recent Daring Baker’s Challenge.  I decided to go with the Pasta Frolla crust for my tarts.

For pastry recipe click here

As for the Butter Tart recipe you will just get pictures until I ask if I can post the recipe.

I only added raisins in a few because not everyone likes raisins in them.  But now it really doesn’t matter because they sunk to the bottom and I can’t tell.

They turned out perfectly

Look at that perfect runny filling.  Note that this is not my tart as I would NEVER eat a Butter Tart with a fork!  That is just silly.  I prefer the inhale it method so you don’t waste any..haha

In the words of my Father “that was the best Butter Tart I ever had”

Thanks Lisa!!!!