Chocolate Oreo Cake


I love celebrating everyone’s Birthdays, making sure there is at least one good thing in their day.   I make cakes for everyone at work, they get to choose the flavour.  It’s always the same thing, vanilla or chocolate.  This year things got very wild when one kid asked for ice cream cake….vanilla!

I was thrilled when this weeks birthday cake request was a Chocolate Oreo Cake! I had not made one of these, yet, and I am always up for a challenge!

I am not a fan of Oreos, well any store-bought cookie really.  Though, I do love a Dad’s Oatmeal cookie, or at least the memories that go along with them.  It brings me back to being at my Gramma and Poppa’s (who I miss greatly!) when I was little (and grown).  My favourite days were spent with them.  Gramma always had cookies, there were always at least 5 boxes of cookies in her cupboard above the sink.  I only like the Dad’s, but would eat just about anything she gave me.  Why does food taste better at Gramma’s?  I would even eat those God awful Puffs, you know the ones, with the cookie, marshmallow and dab of jelly, all covered in chocolate.  Blah!  Gramma kept them in the fridge, for some reason, which made them that much chewier, but yet I’d eat them!  No wonder I was a beast!

Anyways, this was an easy cake to make.

1. Bake your favourite Chocolate Cake recipe

2. Prepare your favourite Butter Cream Icing

3. Get a box of Oreos, set aside approximately 7 Oreos.  Roughly chop the rest


4. Add 3/4 of the chopped Oreos to your butter cream


5. Pile on the Oreo Butter Cream on the first layer of the cake and top with remaining chopped Oreos


6. Add top layer and ice cake as usual.  I added a ring of rosettes topped with half an Oreo for each piece


I was pleased how this one turned out!  It looked great and smelt amazing!

Everyone loved it!  It was enjoyed at work, so I did not get a picture of he inside, but it looked great!

Looking forward to the next challenge!



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