Butter Tart Tour – Two Dishes Cook Shop – Part 2



My 25th and a half stop on The Butter Tart Tour was at Two Dishes Cook Shop.  I had not remembered getting a tart from here, even though as I came to post this, it was the last one I did!  Anyways… I was not at their restaurant, I saw them at the Wednesday Market Downtown and thought I would give it a try.

The Tart

First Impressions – looks delicious, crust looks flaky and center semi firm



The Verdict

– very nice flaky crust
– not as firm as I expected, which is good
– good flavour
– not too sweet
– a little gummy around the edges
– 7/10 (Mom said 9/10 for her)

It was a good tart.  After looking back at the first one I had, I am glad I went back!  They must have completely changed the recipe as it looks nothing like the first one and tasted much better!

Check out the new and updated list of Stops on the Tour here – 52 of them! I am half way there


Butter Tart Tour – Two Dishes Cookshop


Stop #25 on the Butter Tart Tour was at Two Dishes Cookshop in Peterborough.  I did not make it into the Restaurant, I got the tarts from the Butter Tart Taste off.  I have heard great things about the Two Dishes Cookshop. Several of my friends have eaten there and loved it!

The Tart

First Impressions  – big, thick crust, filling was quite dark



The Verdict

– crust was hard, more cookie like than a curst
– filling was quite dark, a little strong, kind of a burnt taste
– 4/10

Not a fan of this tart.

*not to say others would not like it, just not what I am looking for in a butter tart


Butter Tart Tour – The Whistle Stop Cafe


Stop #24 on the Butter Tart Tour was at The Whistle Stop Cafe in Peterborough.  I was not at the Whistle Stop Cafe, I got their tarts from the Butter Tart Taste Off.  I don’t know why I have not made it into The Whistle Stop, I pass by it several times a week.  They are better known for having over 100 different kinds of poutine.

The Tart

First Impressions – very big, looked kind of hard/tough



The Verdict

– crust was very tender, almost shortbread like nice flavour
– filling was very runny, sweet and seemed to taste of caramel
– 7/10

This was a good tart.  It was much better than it looked upon first impressions. I also picked up one of their raisin butter tarts, which I have not had yet.  When I get into Whistle Stop for some poutine, I will definitely have a tart for dessert.

Butter Tart Tour – South Pond Farms


Stop #23 on the Butter Tart Tour was at South Pond Farm, Pontypool.  I didn’t make the trip to Pontypool, I was able to get these tarts at the Butter Tart Taste Off.

The Tart

First Impressions – crust looked amazingly flaky, looked like it was a little empty



The Verdict

– crust was awful, so thick, tough and raw
– very strong cinnamon/spice flavour
– very little filling
– 0/10

This seemed more like an attempt at Baklava then a butter tart

* Not to say others would not like this tart, but not what I am looking for in a butter tart

Butter Tart Tour – The Sweet Kitchen


Stop #22 on the Butter Tart Tour was at The Sweet Kitchen in Lindsay.  This time I did not make the trip to Lindsay, I was able to get the tarts at the Butter Tart Taste Off!  I had never heard of The Sweet Kitchen before.

The Tart

First Impressions – Nice size, looked like a nice runny filling, looks delicious



The Verdict

– crust was nice and tender
– filling was firm
– tasted like corn syrup
– quite sweet

This tart was pretty good.  I was not a huge fan of the filling, it was a little more firm then I like.

Having said that, these were my Mom’s favourite at the Taste Off, and who she voted for.


Butter Tart Tour – Electric City Bread Company


Stop #21 on the Butter Tart Tour was at the Electric City Bread Company in Peterborough.  I drive by this Bakery several times a week, but have never been in.  It was a lovely little restaurant that I would like to try, unfortunately no time today, just here for tarts!

The Tart

First Impressions – crust looks good, not much filling



The Verdict

– crust was tough and over done but soggy bottom
– not sure what the filling was, unlike any butter tart I have ever had
– honestly I would not even call it a butter tart
– 0/10

** Not to say others wouldn’t like them but not what I am looking for in a butter tart

Butter Tart Tour – Dooher’s Bakery


The first Saturday of the new year, butter tarts seemed like a good idea.  My parents and grandparents joined me on a road trip to check out 3 stops on the tour.

Stop #20 on the Butter Tart Tour was at Dooher’s Bakery in Campbellford.   I have been to Dooher’s numerous times.  They have the most amazing homemade donuts.  My favourite is their Dutches, amazing!  They also have delicious muffins, breads and cinnamon buns, but I had never had their butter tarts.

The Tart

First impressions – unimpressive, crust looked pre made




The Verdict

– Crust tasted like frozen pie dough
– filling had a great texture consistency
– not sweet
– tasted corn syrupy
– would not have another
– 3/10

** not to say that others would not like them, just not what I am looking for.

I will stick to their donuts!