Princess Cake

February 13, 2016


A princess cake for Princess Violet’s 4th Birthday!

Monster Birthday!

February 13, 2016


I was asked to make Monster Cake and Cupcakes for two of the cutest twin boys 1st Birthday.   I love how the cake turned out.  The cupcakes, sometimes when I look I see the one-eyed, horned monsters and sometimes I see teddy bear faces.  At any rate they were a hit!  Happy 1st Birthday!


Cast Iron Frying Pan Cake

October 16, 2015



I love when I am asked to make a cake that challenges me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to make a simple, round, iced birthday cake, but I love when someone has creativity and asks me to try something different.

I was asked to make a Cast Iron Frying pan cake with Fried Bake and a wooden spoon! I loved the idea!  I had never done anything quite like that before and I was up for the challenge.

The cake turned out great!  It was a huge success and the Birthday Girl loved it, and to me that’s what it is all about!:)

Butter Tart Tour – Two Dishes Cookshop

September 19, 2015


Stop #25 on the Butter Tart Tour was at Two Dishes Cookshop in Peterborough.  I did not make it into the Restaurant, I got the tarts from the Butter Tart Taste off.  I have heard great things about the Two Dishes Cookshop. Several of my friends have eaten there and loved it!

The Tart

First Impressions  – big, thick crust, filling was quite dark



The Verdict

– crust was hard, more cookie like than a curst
– filling was quite dark, a little strong, kind of a burnt taste
– 4/10

Not a fan of this tart.

*not to say others would not like it, just not what I am looking for in a butter tart


Butter Tart Tour – The Whistle Stop Cafe

September 19, 2015


Stop #24 on the Butter Tart Tour was at The Whistle Stop Cafe in Peterborough.  I was not at the Whistle Stop Cafe, I got their tarts from the Butter Tart Taste Off.  I don’t know why I have not made it into The Whistle Stop, I pass by it several times a week.  They are better known for having over 100 different kinds of poutine.

The Tart

First Impressions – very big, looked kind of hard/tough



The Verdict

– crust was very tender, almost shortbread like nice flavour
– filling was very runny, sweet and seemed to taste of caramel
– 7/10

This was a good tart.  It was much better than it looked upon first impressions. I also picked up one of their raisin butter tarts, which I have not had yet.  When I get into Whistle Stop for some poutine, I will definitely have a tart for dessert.

Butter Tart Tour – South Pond Farms

September 19, 2015


Stop #23 on the Butter Tart Tour was at South Pond Farm, Pontypool.  I didn’t make the trip to Pontypool, I was able to get these tarts at the Butter Tart Taste Off.

The Tart

First Impressions – crust looked amazingly flaky, looked like it was a little empty



The Verdict

– crust was awful, so thick, tough and raw
– very strong cinnamon/spice flavour
– very little filling
– 0/10

This seemed more like an attempt at Baklava then a butter tart

* Not to say others would not like this tart, but not what I am looking for in a butter tart

Butter Tart Tour – The Sweet Kitchen

September 19, 2015


Stop #22 on the Butter Tart Tour was at The Sweet Kitchen in Lindsay.  This time I did not make the trip to Lindsay, I was able to get the tarts at the Butter Tart Taste Off!  I had never heard of The Sweet Kitchen before.

The Tart

First Impressions – Nice size, looked like a nice runny filling, looks delicious



The Verdict

– crust was nice and tender
– filling was firm
– tasted like corn syrup
– quite sweet

This tart was pretty good.  I was not a huge fan of the filling, it was a little more firm then I like.

Having said that, these were my Mom’s favourite at the Taste Off, and who she voted for.



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