Wedding Cakes, Wedding Cakes and More Wedding Cakes!!!

At Christmas time my good friend Jen got engaged!  I was so happy for her.  She asked me if I wanted to make her wedding cakes.  I was kind of taken aback, I had made many a cake but never a wedding cake!  I think I even tried to talk her out of it, are you sure? I’ve never done a wedding cake before.  She told me she had complete confidence in me and wasn’t worried at all,  I’m glad someone wasn’t because I was terrified.   So after I agreed to take on the challenge I questioned the “Wedding Cakes”? Thought maybe she made a mistake or perhaps there was going to be a grooms cake.  Nope! She wanted 14 wedding cakes, that were also doubling as centre pieces on each table.  I thought it was a really nice idea, had never heard of doing that before.

After many ideas, including a few really bad ones (we won’t mention those) Jen decided she wanted 2 layer round, red velvet, fondant covered cakes with simple red calla lilies and a few leaves.  A simple elegant look.

This is the picture she sent me for inspiration, she wanted it to look like just the top layer.

The Tale of Jens Wedding Cake

First off I must apologize to everyone, I was a bit obsessed with this project and its pretty much all I have talked about for the past month, so for that I’M SORRY.  I know it would bore more people but it was exciting to me.

The flowers

I needed to make 75 flowers, really only needed 65 but made extra just in case, and I am glad I did, a few didn’t make it.

It started here, 3 bags of gum paste and 3 jars of red die

I didn’t feel the need to purchase expensive tools that are made for this project so I got creative!  I made 75 cones out of note pad paper.  In order to get the angle on the flower I could not just sent them down to try, they had to hang on a slant.  It took me a half hour (yes, I know how sad is that) of searching around the house for a way to dry them. My solution, knitting needles in glasses.  It worked perfectly!! Once they set I was able to set them down flat

The flowers centres

Put together

Now onto the baking of the cakes…

I really didn’t think it was going to be as big of a job as it was.  After the 4th cake I had the recipe memorized, I’m pretty sure I will never forget it.  It took 20 hours but the cakes were baked! Now where do I put them?  Wrapped tightly in the living room was the only place I had room.

In between each cake while they were baking I made 10 batches of butter cream icing and 5 batches of marshmallow fondant so they would be ready to assemble the next day.


The cakes had to be leveled.  I am left with something that reminds me of a Seinfeld episode lol


Forgot to take a picture of them all fondanted

Final product ready for the ride to the wedding

Cakes on all the tables

Approximately 60 hours and an astronomical amount of ingredients later my job was done, cakes were delivered and places on the tables

The table Jen and Martin sat at had their cake topper on top.  It suited them so well.  Him on the phone and her cheering on her sports teams

All other tables

Destroyed in seconds…

The cakes were a hit.  Got many complements and everyone said they tasted great…relief!

What an amazing experience!  A lot more work then I thought but would do it again in a heart beat! I was honored to be part of Jen and Martins day and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Thanks Jen 🙂

Cupcakes, Cupcakes and more Cupcakes!

This weekend I had the honour of make the wedding cake for my  sister-in-law-to-be and her bride.  Months ago when Kristy and Selena asked me to do their wedding cake I was terrified!!!  To me the wedding cake is a huge deal, EVERYONE sees it, EVERYONE eats it, most people photograph it.  I see it as a huge part of the day.  I actually tried to talk them out of it because it was like nothing I had taken on before.  They assured me that they had faith in me and absolutely wanted me to do it.  I accepted the challenge.

Knowing that the cupcakes were going to be tasted by A LOT of people I got right to work testing recipes.   This is where everyone at work came into the equation.   Kris and Selena wanted a variety of flavours, chocolate peanut butter, vanilla, banana,  carrot and red velvet.  I tried 2-3 recipes for each flavour, (yes everyone at work had A LOT of cupcakes!!!) everyone at work tried them and gave feedback then the best ones were presented to Kris and Selena. The recipes and icings were picked and I nervously awaited the big day.

I live in Ontario and the wedding was in New Jersey so I was not able to bring familiar ingredients, only measuring spoons and cups and spatulas.   Friday was shopping day, struck off to Shoppe Rite to get almost everything I needed.   I was a little worried because a few things I have baked down there in the past didn’t turn out as they usually do.  I am not sure if it is the ingredients or the weather but I was hoping it would not be affected this time.

Selena had just gotten a Kitchen Aid Mixer just weeks before the wedding, I was thrilled because I didn’t have to lug KAM down.  I named hers KAMMIE cuz he was tiny 🙂

I feel in love with the splatter shield, I must get one!  Really cut down on the mess.

10:00 AM  Pulled all the ingredients out to get started…

No pictures as I usually do, I didn’t have time

11:00 PM Complete! 130 cupcakes and a layer banana cake

Red velvet with Cream Cheese Icing

Banana with Chocolate Icing

Vanilla with Chocolate Icing

Carrot with Cream Cheese Icing

Chocolate with Peanut Butter Icing

Banana Layer Cake with Butter Cream

They turned out quite well, visually, but I was still nervous about how they were all going to taste.

Now the big challenge, getting them an hour away all in once piece on the highways of New Jersey.   A major problem was averted, it was a very chilly day.  Usually it is hot as hell and humid in New Jersey, but I was lucky, so the icing stayed in tact.   When we arrived I opened the trunk holding my breath, all was well, I could breath again!  When it was time to take them into the hall…we were locked out!  We had to wait outside for 15 minutes for them to let us in.  Then I was trusting people I didn’t know to help carry them up a HUGE flight of stairs.  I was not calm until they were in the hands of the restaurant.  It was a stressful day, you would think it was me getting married lol

The restaurant displayed them beautifully!  They didn’t put them all out at once.

You would think at this point all would be fine, but I was a nervous wreck!  Usually if I make something I drop it off and I am not around when it is being eaten.  If they didn’t like how they tasted I would be devastated.

This was the stampede when they announced that the cupcakes were served…

They were a huge it!  Everyone loved them!  I finally relaxed!  One woman came up to me and told me how she is a huge fan of Red Velvet and has been buying it at a bakery in Brooklyn for years but mine was way better.  I was shocked.  She went on and on and on and said she just had to meet me and tell me.  I promised I would make her some when I came back down 🙂 That comment and others like it made all the work worth it.

This was brought to my attention the day after the wedding.  I had to take a picture of it 🙂

One of their  photographer took a picture of the other holding my cupcake and posted it on their Facebook wall…

This was the comment she put under the photo


I was truly honored to have been part of Kristy and Selena’s day and wish them a Life time of Love and Happiness!!!