Fishing Cake


When I was asked to make this cake, I panicked a little. Cake, I can do.  Character/figures, not so much. If you have been around a while you may remember the Rocky Horror Elsa from the Frozen cake, I attempted.  After that, I have avoided them at all cost!

In true Erica fashion, I procrastinated until the very last-minute, thinking if I just keep putting it off, maybe they will cancel!  Nope!

I hounded a friend of mine, who also does cakes, and is amazing at figures for some tips. She was a great help!!


He is by  no means awesome, but  much less scary looking!  I didn’t hate it.

I have not been posting many cakes, but they are continuously being added to the cake page.  I liked this one, so it got a post.


Dad’s 60th Birthday Cake


This year was my Dad’s 60th Birthday!  Each year his request is usually ‘just a lemon on lemon cake would be wonderful’, meaning lemon cake with lemon filling with lemon icing. I have made one that looked like a lemon, and several that were just round layers cakes with icing, but this year I wanted to do something a little different.  Dad is one of those guys that they don’t seem to make anymore, he is quite handy.  He can fix most anything!  When I was little, and now, I generally try to help out so I like to think I am kinda handy myself.  Having a tools cake just seemed appropriate.  He loved it! Happy 60th Birthday Dad, Love you!