Minions Cake


Ever since the Minions cake out, I have wanted to make a Minions cake! Finally!  Parker loved his Minions cake. Turned out just like the picture they sent!

Cast Iron Frying Pan Cake



I love when I am asked to make a cake that challenges me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to make a simple, round, iced birthday cake, but I love when someone has creativity and asks me to try something different.

I was asked to make a Cast Iron Frying pan cake with Fried Bake and a wooden spoon! I loved the idea!  I had never done anything quite like that before and I was up for the challenge.

The cake turned out great!  It was a huge success and the Birthday Girl loved it, and to me that’s what it is all about! 🙂

Mickey Mouse Cake


I was asked to make a Mickey Mouse cake for a 1st/3rd Birthday party.  They showed me a picture of what they wanted and I think it looks just like it.  The empty space was for the big ‘1’ candle they had.  Happy Birthday Gabe and Charlotte!

The Hungry Caterpillar


I was asked to make a Hungry Caterpillar Cake for a little guys 1st Birthday!   I was able to make all the food the Hungry Caterpillar ate through and the Caterpillar himself!




This one turned out pretty good.  Hope he liked it!

He also got his very own cake to devour and make a mess of…love it! Can’t wait to see the after photos!!



Horse Cake


I was asked to do a horse themed cake for a 16th Birthday.  They showed me a picture very similar to this with a few colour changes.   Turned out ok.

Coors Light Cake


I was asked to make a Coors Light beer bottle cake.  It didn’t turn out quite how I envisioned it, but apparently was a huge hit!