The Hungry Caterpillar


I was asked to make a Hungry Caterpillar Cake for a little guys 1st Birthday!   I was able to make all the food the Hungry Caterpillar ate through and the Caterpillar himself!




This one turned out pretty good.  Hope he liked it!

He also got his very own cake to devour and make a mess of…love it! Can’t wait to see the after photos!!



Birthday Blocks Cake(s)


I am so glad I am back on my feet and able to bake again, this is the 3rd cake in 3 weeks! I love it!  This cake is for Charlotte’s 1st Birthday.  Everyone got their own “block of cake”.  I had some difficulties doing this one.  The smaller cakes were a challenge to cover with fondant, they are quite bumpy and uneven, but I tried!  You will notice there is one that looks out-of-place, that was Charlotte’s.  It is only covered in icing so she could just go at it 🙂  Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Dad’s 60th Birthday Cake


This year was my Dad’s 60th Birthday!  Each year his request is usually ‘just a lemon on lemon cake would be wonderful’, meaning lemon cake with lemon filling with lemon icing. I have made one that looked like a lemon, and several that were just round layers cakes with icing, but this year I wanted to do something a little different.  Dad is one of those guys that they don’t seem to make anymore, he is quite handy.  He can fix most anything!  When I was little, and now, I generally try to help out so I like to think I am kinda handy myself.  Having a tools cake just seemed appropriate.  He loved it! Happy 60th Birthday Dad, Love you!


Violet Cake


I was asked to make a cake for an adorable little girl having a first birthday.  Her name is Violet, my goodness she is adorable! The little bear is “My Pal Violet”, she has one and just loves it.  This was my first sculpted character cake, it came out ok, I will need more practice at that, it’s harder than it looks!  Hope she liked her cake.




Tim Hortons Cake


Ahh, Tim Hortons!  If you are not from Canada, then more than likely you have not heard of Tim Hortons.  If you are from the Northern United States, your Tim Hortons are just not the same (I have been, and they are just no good!).  Timmies are on just about every other street corner in Canada, here in my small town of 73,000 there are 10 Tim Hortons, and you would be hard pressed to find one without a huge line.  I am not a coffee fan but their steeped tea is the best! (why don’t the ones in the States have steeped tea??? double bagging it just does not cut it!).  Anyways…..

I was asked to make a cake for someone who is rarely seen without a Timmies in his hand.  This seemed like the perfect idea.  The cake was a huge hit, he loved it, as did everyone else. Here are a few more shots of the Timmies Cup Cake






Knitting Basket Cake

I was asked to make a cake for an 80th birthday.  The woman love to knit, as do I, so I was quite excited to make a knitting cake.  A basket of yarn seemed perfect.  I like how this one turned out, it was extremely time-consuming, but worth every minute to see the look on Karens face when she picked it up.  Hope the Birthday Girl likes it.

Baby Shower Cake #2

I was asked to make a cake for a Baby Shower.  Little Hailey has already arrived so they requested something ‘Pink and Frilly’  This is what I came up with.

Justin Bieber Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a Justin Bieber cake for a 15th Birthday.  Not knowing a thing about him, I asked for them to come up with an idea and I would go from there.  They did even better!  They showed me a picture of what they would like and I did as close as I could.

Here is the inspiration….

And here is what I created….

Not quite the same but I tried.

I have not learned how to make the topsy turvy cakes yet, so it was a basic tier.

From what I hear she really liked it!!

Jen’s Baby Shower Cake

Jen’s having a baby!  First I made the wedding cakeS, and now the baby shower cake! (just one).  Jen tells me she is having a girl.  As much as I wanted to make the cake all frilly and pink I decided to go a little more gender neutral.  Last week my cousin who was told all along that she was having a girl had the shock of their lives when there little baby boy was born! Keeping that in mind I went with the typical baby colours.   I wanted to try something a little different so I attempted a tiered cake, not sure if I did it properly but it survived an hour and a half car ride, so it was fairly successful.