Tim Hortons Cake


Ahh, Tim Hortons!  If you are not from Canada, then more than likely you have not heard of Tim Hortons.  If you are from the Northern United States, your Tim Hortons are just not the same (I have been, and they are just no good!).  Timmies are on just about every other street corner in Canada, here in my small town of 73,000 there are 10 Tim Hortons, and you would be hard pressed to find one without a huge line.  I am not a coffee fan but their steeped tea is the best! (why don’t the ones in the States have steeped tea??? double bagging it just does not cut it!).  Anyways…..

I was asked to make a cake for someone who is rarely seen without a Timmies in his hand.  This seemed like the perfect idea.  The cake was a huge hit, he loved it, as did everyone else. Here are a few more shots of the Timmies Cup Cake







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