Some Ottawa Eats

This past weekend I spent some time in Ottawa with my Mom, we had a fantastic time and indulged in some wonderful food.  Here are a few of the items you just don’t see around Peterborough.  When in Ottawa you must go to the By Ward Market and try some of their wonderful foods

I spent alot of time in this store, The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  The smells coming form here were fantastic!

If that chocolate was not behind the counter I swear I would have put my mouth right under the flow haha…

They had many different types of covered apples.  This one really caught my eye, Carmel dipped, then Oreos stuck, drizzled with milk and white chocolate then more Oreos.  WOW

This one I just had to try.  Oreo Bark!  Wow was it tasty!

This sign was in the window of a homemade ice cream and hot dog hut.  Just thought it was funny.

If you are ever in Ottawa or anywhere else you see a Dunn’s Famous Deli you MUST eat there.   Their food was excellent.  They are known for their smoked meat sandwiches but have many other tasty selections, Mom had the homemade Mac’n Cheese, was excellent!

But this is what I ordered….

The best smoked meat sandwich I have ever had.  Mom, who does not like smoked meat – hence ordering the mac’n cheese, just loved it! She actually said she wished she had ordered one.  We shared it, it was Huge!  The meat was so moist, juicy and tender.  I will definitely be heading back to Dunn’s!

And Finally….

Beaver Tails, a deep fried dough that is to die for.  Ottawa is known for them, you can’t seem to get them many more places.  I always get the cinnamon sugar, but they have many others to choose from.


One thought on “Some Ottawa Eats

  1. I want a smoked meat sandwich! A proper smoked meat sandwich which I have never been able to find out here on the Left Coast. When I lived in Ottawa (1964-1979), Nate’s was the place, followed by the Party Palace which was a hole in the wall on Elgin Street. Nate’s was bigger, with a vastly more extensive menu, down on Rideau, and was Pierre Trudeau’s fave. Dunn’s was a Montreal institution and people loved it or Schwartz’s, which I understand fell victim to a family feud. Looks as if the Byward has been severely tarted up. When I shopped there, farmers were selling sides of beef from the backs of trucks … in winter, at any rate. But then, there was Freiman’s, the gallery was on Elgin and the Canal as a skating rink was new. Fine dining was few and far between and I once had a veal cutlet at the Chateau Laurier which I swear had a tomato- soup based sauce. Oh, and the Lord Elgin switched to frozen waffles. Loved Ottawa, though. I worked for the late Ottawa Journal after graduating from Carleton journalism school. Made $85 a week in 1967, paid $85 a month for an apartment near the office … might have been on Lisgar.

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