Ottawa Treat…

This past weekend my parents were in Ottawa on a little weekend getaway.  While walking in the market they stumbled across The Cupcake Lounge.  Immediately they texted me to tell me of this place knowing I would be totally jealous!  I was quite intrigued because we do not have cupcake shops here.  Their website was beautiful!  I replied back with a small request, if they had time on departure day, would they PLEASE bring me one home.

Mom and Dad were there right at 11:00 am when the doors opened (my goodness they are good to me) to get my red velvet cupcake.


They were so cute! I could not wait to dive in!

The verdict… After all the anticipation I am sad to say,very disappointed 😦

The red velvet was very dry and tasteless.  The cream cheese icing was good but their was barely any of it.  It looked like it had a ton, but the cupcake had a very high dome and just a skim of icing.  The best part? the little chocolate on the top.

If in Ottawa I would give them another try, but a different flavour.


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