Butter Tart Tour – Doo Doo’s


Stop #1 on the Butter Tart Tour. Doo Doo’s is the first stop on our Butter Tart Tour!  This is a bakery that I have driven by at least 1,000 times but yet never been into.  Doo Doo’s won best filling and best specialty tart.

The Tart

First impressions – looked delicious!



The Verdict


– dense crust, not buttery enough
– enjoyed dense filling
– very sweet


– Hard crust
– not runny, but not hard, good flavour
– perfectly sweet
– 9.5/10

These tarts were delicious! I would go back.  In fact, I went back in on the way home to bring a few more home to try.

Maple Bacon

OMG! This butter tart was amazing! I can see how it won Best Specialty Tart.  I was skeptical about adding meat to a butter tart, but wow, it was delicious! I did not really notice the maple, but the addition of the bacon was heavenly!  You could definitely taste the bacon and I enjoyed the texture of the bacon in the tart.  The salt from the bacon brought this tart to a whole new level.  This is amazing! I will be going back for more of these.  I might be a bad thing that I finally went it to this place, I may never drive by it again without stopping!



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