Butter Tart Tour – Buns & Sweets


Stop # 18 on the Butter Tart Tour was at Buns & Sweets in Bridgenorth.  Buns & Sweets was just recently added to the tour.  I had been here about 6 or 7 years ago and often wondered why they were not on the tour, as I remembered they were quite good!  Besides the wall (literally) of butter tarts, including raisin, walnut, pecan and plain, Buns & Sweets also has a wide variety of breads and buns.  We purchased some of their Cheese and Garlic bread sticks, which I highly recommend.

The Tart

First Impressions – looks delicious, excellent colour, crust looks amazing


Look at that filling! Slightly runny and lots of it!



The Verdict

– crust was tender, flaky and delicious
– filling had an excellent consistency
– perfectly sweet (quite sweet!)
– 9.5/10

Now THAT is a butter tart!  I would highly recommend Buns and Sweets, their tarts are amazing!  I also bought some raisin butter tarts, excellent!

Thank you for adding them to the tour, a wonderful addition!


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