Roasted Beet Salad

Hold on to your hats, it’s another salad recipe!  Don’t worry I am not turning into a health nut and abandoning my baking, that will never happen!  I just have some extra time now that I am on summer holidays and I am trying new things.

I was introduced to this beet salad last week.  Linda had told me about it, and I really was not sure if I would like it or not, but when she was here she made it for me.  I love beets, but this recipe called for beet tops! The tops? Isn’t that the part that you throw out? We always did. Until now!

Roasted Salad

This is Linda’s recipe, not exactly sure where she got it from

1 bunch of beets – tops included

1 tsp minced garlic

1 T olive Oil

Feta crumbled – amount to preference

nuts – amount to preference

Vinegar/balsamic/lemon juice


1. Separate beets from the tops

Normally I would have thrown all this away, KEEP IT!!!

2. Clean off beets – wash off any loose dirt

I have to wash mine in a bowl because I have a white sink and they stain the sink.  NOTE: never buy a white sink – keeping it clean is a nightmare!

3. Dry off and roast – I roasted mine on the BBQ.  Wrap in foil and turn often as not to burn.  I put one side on low and the other on medium. Took approx 45 minutes

5. While beets are roasting prepare the rest of the salad

6. Prepare you beet greens – trim off the stems and any thick woody veins, as they can be tough.  Wash and make sure to dry

7. Chop your greens – I found it easiest to layer, roll and slice

8. Chop nuts, I used pecans because that is what I had. I’m sure any nut would work

9. Crumble Feta

10. When beets are roasted, allow to cool enough to handle and remove skins.  Slice beets

11. In a large skillet, warm oil and add garlic

12. Add greens and saute until wilted and tender – I don’t like mine too wilted, I prefer it to have a bit of a bite

13. Assemble salad starting with greens, then beets, feta and nuts.  Add as much as you like – I did approx 1 T of each

14. Add vinegar – the original recipe calls for balsamic vinegar, (I hate balsamic vinegar) but I used regular vinegar and it was wonderful, lemon was also delicious! You could use any of your favourite dressings.

Delicious!!! I was so surprised that I liked this salad.  I was very unsure of the beet tops, but they were excellent, kind of like spinach. The roasted beet and feta really worked well together and the added crunch of the pecans was very nice.  The vinegar really pulled everything together nicely.  A very delicious salad, very refreshing.  I can see making this many more times as the fresh beets are now out!