Butter Tart Tour – Two Dishes Cook Shop – Part 2



My 25th and a half stop on The Butter Tart Tour was at Two Dishes Cook Shop.  I had not remembered getting a tart from here, even though as I came to post this, it was the last one I did!  Anyways… I was not at their restaurant, I saw them at the Wednesday Market Downtown and thought I would give it a try.

The Tart

First Impressions – looks delicious, crust looks flaky and center semi firm



The Verdict

– very nice flaky crust
– not as firm as I expected, which is good
– good flavour
– not too sweet
– a little gummy around the edges
– 7/10 (Mom said 9/10 for her)

It was a good tart.  After looking back at the first one I had, I am glad I went back!  They must have completely changed the recipe as it looks nothing like the first one and tasted much better!

Check out the new and updated list of Stops on the Tour here – 52 of them! I am half way there


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