Cupcakes – By Heather and Lori


I was at the Baking and Sweets Show in Toronto today (I won’t go back, it has really gone down hill.  I was quite disappointed!).  As soon as I walked in the doors I see Cupcakes!  They were the cupcakes from the T.V. Show, The Cupcake Girls. I assume they are not well known in the States.  Cupcakes by Heather and Lori is a Vancouver based bakery.  They made a T.V. show on the Food  Network, following them from the beginning though their ups and downs of starting the bakery and opening a franchise.  I personally can’t stand the show, but the cupcakes were here, how could I not try them!

They had a large booth.  They were selling aprons, shirts etc with their logo as well as the cupcakes.  When I was there, they only had 4 flavours available.  I went with chocolate, it was $4.00.  Most were astounded with the price.  I thought it was reasonable. Baking is not cheap! Most people expect to pay very little for something tasty, it rarely happens.  I was fine with paying $4.00, I figured if they are on T.V. and have all these franchises they must be good.

Came in a fancy  box with their logo


The bag was even covered in their signature cupcake


Excuse the look of the cupcake, I made it all the way home, only to drop the box on the kitchen counter.






The two bites I took were plenty – very disappointed!  There was virtually no flavour in the cupcake itself or he icing.  If blindfolded I am convinced no one would be able to detect chocolate.  They claim “Cupcakes bakes their products from scratch and use preservative-free, basic ingredients, offering customers fresh batches of yummy goodness daily“, well if this cupcake was fresh baked today, I’ll eat the box!  Yuck!  I was really hoping it was going to be good.  I think the $4.00 was for the fancy box.

Why do bakeries have such boring cupcakes? Honestly, mine are better!

Dose anyone know where to get a good, moist, flavourful cupcake??


2 thoughts on “Cupcakes – By Heather and Lori

  1. The only place I really enjoy the cupcakes, and Lonny and I have gone on several cupcake tasting tours, is For The Love Of Cake, in Toronto.

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