Raisin Pie, Again



I have not posted in quite some time, not because I have not been baking but because I was without my laptop!  Man, that was rough!  It is amazing how much I rely on this thing.  Anyways, all back up and running and excited to post what I have made.

We have been experiencing some ridiculously hot weather of late, 35ºC+ and I do not have air conditioning, makes for a hot house when baking.  Luckily it cooled down for a few days and I was able to make a few treats.

I asked my Poppa what he would like and he requested his favourite (and mine), raisin pie.  As mentioned in the initial Raisin Pie post, the recipe is secret, but I tried something new with the crust so I posted again.

Now that I am good at making crust I don’t mind making pies at all, in fact it is kind of fun, it is a whole new world for me.

As nice as it looks I strongly dislike doing a lattice top on my pie.  Cutting all the strips the same, weaving and lining up…blah.  In an attempt to make it look nice and still have the ventilation needed I used a cookie cutter and just placed the dough randomly on top.  I made it close to Canada day so I went with the Maple Leaf.


I also made a few tarts.  I wanted some of the pie, but hate giving away a pie with a few pieces out of it, just looks tacky, haha.  This seemed like a good solution.


I love how it still bubbles right out of the oven


Looks pretty good


Tarts came out pretty good as well


Filling was perfect


Oh my goodness these were delicious!  The crust was bang on, tender and flaky.

Looking forward to the fresh fruit season, the pie possibilities are endless!!!


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