Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Taste-Off


Butter Tart Tour Taste-Off!

Today I had the privilege to be a judge (yes, a JUDGE!) in the 2nd Annual Butter Tart Tour Taste-Off.  What a fun day!

When I told people I was going to be a judge in the Taste-off, everyone’s first question was “How did YOU get to do that?”
While making our way through the tour (14 of 37) I have been blogging about each stop.  Some how, I am not really sure how, the Tart Tour found my blog and have been following along.  About a month ago I received an email asking me to be a judge!  I could not believe it, I was as excited as I was terrified!  I had never been to anything like this before, let alone be a part of it.

An afternoon of eating butter tarts, how could I pass on that?

The Taste-Off was part of the Fenelon Falls Country Living Show in Fenelon Falls.  When I arrived there was a section that was strictly for the Taste-Off, it was literally a room full of butter tarts! For a butter tart lover like myself, it was heaven… it smelt deliciously sweet

Enteries Included, This was the list posted the day before, forgive me if I missed any new additions

Enticing Cakes, Peterborough
Country Mart, Buckhorn
Doo Doo’s Bakery, Bailieboro
The Little Pie Shack, Fenelon Falls
Irish Hills Farm, Apsley
Bobcaygeon Bread Company, Bobcaygeon
Burnham Family Farms, Cobourg
South Pond Farms, Pontypool
Whistle Stop Cafe, Peterborough




As people toured through the Country Show they could try samples of each tart and vote for the “Peoples Choice” which went to….. Whistle Stop Cafe in Peterborough.


The judges tables were set up on stage at the front



Felt very important with my own name tag… haha



There were 6 judges,

Kawartha Lakes Mayor, Ric McGee
Chef Brian Henry – Professor, Culinary Program,
Fleming College
Erica Patterson – Erica’s Edibles blogger
Agatha Podgorski – Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance
Carrie O – on-air personality, BOB FM
• Someone from the Crowd (as a judge did not make it)


We were asked to taste and rate our favourites.  It was a Taste-Off, they wanted it to be judged as the people on the tour would, which is basically personal preference.  Everyone has such a different opinion on what a butter tart should be.  Myself I like a flaky crust, semi-firm to runny filling, and to make it the best I prefer raisins.  Others like them firm, very runny, chewy crust, tender crust, and the list goes on.  It is really hard to please everyone.


The first tray was all Butter Tarts.  They all looked great, each one was unique.  Some were quite pale, others had the over flow sugar on the crust, some VERY runny, others were quite firm.

This was not the official first tray, this was removed and only 6 returned,
I was all nervous and forgot to get a picture!


Each tart was given a number, so we had no idea where they came from.

It was hard to eat just a little of each.  There is a certain way I like to eat butter tarts and I really could not do that for the competition.

After many bites, a few spoons of fillings, comparisons and re-tastes we rated the tarts for Best Crust, Best Filling and Best Over All Tart.


The next tray was the specialty tarts, they were quite creative, some included chocolate, peanuts, apples, coconut etc


After a tally of all the ratings the winners are….

Best Crust – Doo Doo’s Bakery in Bailieboro


Best Filling – Whistle Stop Cafe – Peterborough


Best Over All Tart – Doo Doo’s Bakery – Bailieboro


Best Specialty Tart – Apple, Burnham Family Farms, Cobourg – 

Not sure why I do not have a picture for this one – Sorry!


What an amazing afternoon! I had a fantastic time, it was so much fun.  Great tarts, great people and lots of laughs.

Congratulations to All of the Winners!!!

Thank you to the Tart Tour for inviting me to judge!

I look forward to getting back out on the road and tasting the remaining 23 tarts!!!


One thought on “Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Taste-Off

  1. You were awesome Erica. Our thanks for your enthusiasm for locally baked butter tarts, your interest in applying your talents as a blogger to our cause of promoting the Tour, and your willingness to be a judge for us at the Taste-Off. Don’t be surprised if we call on you again! Cheers from the Butter Tart Tour.

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