Butter Tart Tour …



Spring has arrived here in the Kawarthas (even thought it really doesn’t feel like it) and for me that means time to get back Touring!

Last summer Jen and I were able to get to 14 of the Bakeries on the Butter Tart Tour.  This summer I commit to finishing the tour!  It could be a challenge as there have been some additions to the tour, but I look forward to trying each one.  Check out the latest list of Bakeries on the Tour, they are up to 35!

Not from the area? or geographically challenged, like myself (I swear I can get lost anywhere!) Check out the Butter Tart Tour Trip Planner.  Here you can find information on each bakery,  get directions and  plan your  route with your very own Tart Tour Trip Itinerary.  I am not normally one to set up an itinerary, but I DO have a tart itinerary!

Only 21 more to go…



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