Maple Bacon Butter Tarts….again!


I know this is probably my 4th post on these tarts, but they are worth it!

On Sunday, I was headed out-of-town to a baby shower which brought me right past Doo Doo’s Bakery!  I knew I couldn’t just drive by, I had to go in and get some butter tarts!!!  It smelt delicious when I walked in, a few people were having breakfast, not what I was there for though, I headed right to the tart counter.  I saw signs for Plain, Raisin and Pecan.  I was slightly disappointed as I was hoping to be there on a day they had their amazing Maple Raisin Butter tarts.  When it was my turn to order, out of pure desperation I asked “Any chance you have Maple Bacon today?” With a smile she said “Yes“.  Jackpot!!!!  I left with a dozen, 6 Maple Bacon, 4 Raisin and 2 plain.

Look at that crust…


Big pieces of real BACON!


Gooey, semi runny filling….heaven!


I’m just glad I gave up bread for Lent this year and not treats as I usually do.  These would have been hard to pass by.

If you have not been to Doo Doo’s in Bailieboro, you must go.  It will be worth your drive 🙂


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