2013 Top 5!

I can’t believe another year is over already!  2013 has been a year full of ups and downs and has been very busy, I really didn’t get much baking done!  As I looked over the recipes I made this year I soon realized I had to make my year-end post a ‘top 5’ not a ‘top 10’ as in years past. This year I had more posts, but MANY of them were stops along the way on the Butter Tart Tour, which I plan to finish in 2014!

This year my goal was to find ‘My Favourite’ Chocolate Chip Cookie and Oatmeal Cookie recipe, I have yet to find it, so the search continues. This year I will admit that there were some epic fails/flops.  I know this is a ‘Top 5’ list, and should be celebrating the best, but in finding the best you often experience the WORST.  There is no sense hiding failed recipes or huge mistakes, you can only learn from them, right?

Even though the list is short this year, the recipes are quite delicious!

Top 5 of 2013!

Before I get into my top 5, I must give an honorable mention.  I can’t include it in my 5 because it isn’t something that I made.  As I mentioned above I have been on the Butter Tart Tour, it has been amazing!  There have been so many delicious tarts as well as a few not so delicious ones.  I have not finished the tour but I have a favourite, it is at DooDoo’s Bakery in Bailieboro.  Their Maple Bacon Butter Tart is simply Amazing!!


5. Dad’s 60th Birthday Cake

Of the cakes I made this year, Dad’s was my favourite!  Every year Dad asks for a ‘Lemon cake with lemon filling’, but with this year being a significant birthday, I wanted to do something to spruce up the lemon cake. I really liked how this one cake out.  It seemed very appropriate for him as I think he has every tool known to man and is very handy.  Most importantly, he like it, and that is all that matters 🙂

4. Popcorn Cake


This year for my birthday I asked for Popcorn cake, kinda weird, I know! I had seen this recipe on Pintrest and figured it would be prefect for my Mom to make for my birthday, 1. because she hates to bake (no baking required) and 2. because I refuse to make my own cake! 😉   Mom did an amazing job, it was delicious!  Thank you Mom!

3. Raisin Pie with Gramma


Way back in January I got to spend the day with Gramma, learning how to make her most amazing Raisin Pie!  It was a great day.  I was thrilled to learn her tips and tricks to making a fantastic pie.  This recipe is a secret but I will be making it for years and years to come.  Thank you Gramma!

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies


This year I wanted to find ‘My Favourite’ Chocolate Chip Cookie.  I have tried several recipes and have yet to find it, but this one is almost there!  I will continue my search in the new year, but this is the one to beat!  Thank you Cookies and Cups.

1. Pie Crust


My arch nemesis, Pie Crust!!! For years I had given up on making pie because I could not make a good crust to save my life!  I had some complete and total disasters, some were inedible.  I am thrilled to say I have now mastered the pie crust! It is light, flaky and delicious – every time!  I have since made Poppa apple and raisin pies and Mom some Mincemeat tarts.  I just may turn into the Pie Lady….hahaha

I would like to thank everyone who stopped by Erica’s Edibles this year.  When I started out, almost 5 years ago, I really didn’t think anyone beyond my family would check it out.  I am thrilled to say last month Erica’s Edibles has surpassed 80,000 views!!!  I truly appreciate every comment, ‘like’ and follower. I hope you will follow me as I bake my way through 2014!

Happy New Year!


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