Until a few years ago these little delights were the only thing I knew as a macaroon.  They are not pretty, but they are delicious!  I have since learned that Macarons are meringue based, filled cookies, which I attempted (and failed) for a Daring Bakers Challenge back in October 2009.  I have since had this type of macaron, that were properly made by a bakery and I was not a fan.  I much prefer my kind.

As I have mentioned many, many times my Mom is not a baker, but at Christmas she did try.  These macaroons were another Christmas staple at our house.  They are simple, require no baking and are delicious!  Last Christmas I went looking for the ‘go to’ macaroon recipe “Meg’s Macaroons” a recipe my Mom got from her cousin years ago, and it wasn’t there!  I started to panic a little (ok a lot).  The recipe was hand written, in pencil, on lined paper with many splashes of chocolate and coconut dust. I could picture it exactly, but could not find it.  I flipped though my baking book 4 times, and even had my Mom look, because Mom’s can find anything!  It’s GONE!   I think when I did over my recipe folder into my baking book it my have accidentally been thrown out 😦  After a minor meltdown I headed to the internet to find the recipe.  I found thousands of recipes for macaroons, most of them were called Haystacks, Cow Plops or No Bake Brownies, they looked similar to ours but none were right.  I tried several and they were not even close.   After much begging and complaining Mom finally contacted her cousin and asked if she still had the recipe.  She said she did not, but knew where she could get it.  I was thrilled!  Weeks passed by, as did Christmas, but we finally got a copy of “Meg’s Macaroons”.  Meg turned out to be a friend of a friend of a cousin.  After all that work (none of which I was involved in) this recipe is staying a secret, just pictures for this one, sorry 😉

Meg’s Macroons in Pictures







There just never seems to be enough room on the pan for ALL of the warm mixture, such a shame!  This is my favourite part, I like to eat the ‘extras’, warm, right out of the bowl with a spoon, YUM!



They were perfect!  Just as I remembered and everyone loved them.  I took a huge container to work and they were gone very quickly.  I am so thankful I was able to get this recipe back, I will be much more careful with this one.  Thank you Mom and everyone who helped track it down.


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