Butter Tart Tour – Enticing Cakes


Stop #14 on The Butter Tart Tour was at Enticing cakes inc., in Peterborough.  Enticing cakes has just recently moved to a new, bigger location across the street from their first location.  The new location is quite nice, there are several tables to eat at as well as a patio.  It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed our tart on the patio.  I had been to their old location, but was not a huge fan of the cupcakes and treats but I had never had their butter tarts, actually I didn’t know they had tarts until they were listed on the tour

The Tart

First Impressions – They cut it for us, so no ‘pre-cut’ photo.  Looks delicious, filling is running and crust looks thin and flaky



The Verdict


– filling nice and running
– not too sweet
– crust buttery, not dense
– Jens favourite so far
– 9.5/10


– filling was excellent
– perfectly runny
– excellent sweetness
– excellent flavour and texture
– nice crust, was flaky and thin
– 9/10

These tarts were excellent!  I loved the filling, so runny, so delicious! We both agreed that these were very high on the list.  Jen said they were her favourite so far.  I really liked them, but I am still partial to Doo Doo’s.  In saying that, I went back in and brought a half-dozen to take home to share, I got 3 raisin and 3 plain. I also got a square which I was not fussy about.

Check out the raisin butter tart, you can tell it will be runny!


Flaky crust, filling dripping = delicious!


We will definitely return to Enticing cakes inc., for their butter tarts! They were delicious!


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