A New Bake Book


Gramma bought me a new cook book yesterday,  It looks fabulous!  It is not one that you will find in a big book store or on-line, its way better.  This one is from real homes, in real kitchens, recipes that have been made for years in country kitchens!  The Simcoe County International Plowing Match Cook Book.  The Plowing matches are a yearly event and they are huge!  My town hosted back in (I think) 2007, it was truly amazing to see.  People came from all over to attend.  It is not just farmers on plows (which is what I assumed, from the name), it is fields upon fields of displays and shops and equipment and baking and contests.  It truly is something to see.

Back to the cook book.  I love these kind of cookbooks, recipes that have been enjoyed for, maybe, generations.  They are simple, yet delicious!  There are over 350 pages of wonderful recipes.  Sections such as appetizers, snacks, preserves, breads, muffins, main courses all of which I have not even looked at.  When I look at a cookbook a head straight to the back and check out the dessert section.



I look forward to trying many wonderful desserts, cookies and squares and just maybe a few from the front sections.

Thanks Gramma!


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