Butter Tart Tour – Butter Tarts n’ More


Stop # 10 on The Butter Tart Tour was at Butter Tarts n’ More by Linsday. This was another place we had not heard of, but with a Butter Tarts right in the name we were very optimistic!

The Tart

First Impressions – Looked good, I was excited when I saw the movement in the centre, i knew they would be runny!



As soon as we cut it ALL of the filling ran out!  Not the best sharing tart, I love my tarts runny 😀


The Verdict


– bitter aftertaste
– just wasn’t good
– seemed uncooked
– 1/10


– crust was borderline raw
– filling was very runny, but almost tasted sour
– awful after taste
– 1/10

Neither of us liked this tart.  We did not even finish it, after the first bite it went into the garbage.  Not to say others would not like it, but we did NOT! We will not return.


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