Butter Tart Tour – Argyle Farm Market


Stop #12 on The Butter Tart Tour was the Argyle Farm Market in Woodville, this one was waaaay far away for us.  Neither of us had heard of the Argyle Farm Market.  We asked (like we do at every stop) for one plain butter tart.  We were told we could NOT just buy one, we had to buy half dozen or a dozen!  Six tarts is a big commitment when you are not sure if you like them or not.  We contemplated not getting them, BUT we had driven for an hour and a half, we could not leave without having a tart, or six!

The Tart

First impressions – looked raw


I didn’t get a picture of the centre, I think the fact that I had to get 6 through me off…

The Verdict


– yuck
– crust is undercooked
– 2/10


– dough is raw
– filling was running, but not good
– 1/10

We will not return to Argyle Farm Market for tarts


Check out the other tarts we have tasted on the Tour here


4 thoughts on “Butter Tart Tour – Argyle Farm Market

  1. Erica
    We at the Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour really appreciate your enthusiasm for our bakeries. We also appreciate hearing your comments about any stop that appears to not comply with our set of conditions for inclusion in the Tour. We will look into the matter you raised and ensure that Argyle either offers single-serve butter tarts or is off our list.

  2. The Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart investigated the matter with Argyle General Store and it has been determined that a part-time employee was working the counter during your visit and was not aware of the store’s standard practice of opening up a six-pack and selling tarts as singles. Argyle Farm Market apologizes for the confusion in this matter.

    1. I hope I have not caused any problems! I was not intending to get anyone into hot water, just posting about our day. I thank you for looking into it, future Tart Tourers will appreciate!


  3. Hi, this is Alexandra ( the manager from Argyle Farm Market) I do sincerely apologize that you were unable to purchase a single butter tart. It is our policy that we do sell single tarts, and unfortunately the day in which you came in the employee who served you was not aware as the employee is an occasional employee. I would love to make it up to you and personally deliver you a variety of our single tarts available. We pride ourselves in great products and exceptional service.


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