Butter Tart Tour – St. Anne’s Spa Bakery


Stop #8 on the Butter Tart Tour.  St. Anne’s Bakery is located in Grafton.  I had heard of St. Anne’s before, I knew it was a spa but I had no idea they had a bakery!  This was the 3rd and final stop of day 2 on the Butter Tart Tour.  We were patiently waiting our turn in line holding our butter tarts, after about 5 minutes the kind woman behind the counter said they were ‘on her’, our first free butter tart!  We happily accepted and gratefully thanked her as we headed out to the patio to eat our tarts.  These were very small so we each had our own.

The Tart

First impressions – very small, did not look like a butter tart, unimpressed



The Verdict


– yuck
– gross crust


– horrid crust
– grainy filling
– did not taste like a butter tart

This was our first dislike!  After one bite I threw the rest of the tart out.  I am really not sure how this was classified as a ‘Butter Tart”.  It didn’t look or taste like a butter tart, in any way.  We later discovered that it was a gluten-free butter tart.  We were very disappointed and will not return.  At least it was free!

This is not to say others would not enjoy this ‘butter tart’ but, it just was not to our liking.


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