Butter Tart Tour – Betty’s Pies and Tarts

IMG_4532Stop # 6 on the Butter Tart Tour. Betty’s Pies and Tarts is in Port Hope.

I have to confess…I have had many, many tarts from Betty’s, they are one of my favourites!  But to make the competition fair I had to have another :).  I don’t often make the trip to Port Hope, I usually get them at our local market, they are there every week.

Betty’s Pies and Tarts won overall best Tart!

The Tart

First Impressions – Tart was very big and heavy, had a thick crust



The Verdict


– liked the filling, good consistency
– good sweetness
– didn’t like the crust
– 8.5


– Love the filling, fantastic consistency, runny and thick
– perfectly sweet
– crust was a little dense and think
– 9.5

Jen liked the tart but I loved it!  The filling is amazing, it is the perfect consistency, flavour, and sweetness.  It is runny but not so runny that it runs down your arm before you can eat it (though I like those too!).  So far I agree that this tart is the winner, thought we have over 20 left to try! I will return to Betty’s!


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