Butter Tart Tour – Country Mart


Stop # 4 on the Butter Tart Tour. The Country Mart is located in Buckhorn.  For some reason I forgot to get a picture of the bakery!! This is where I was finally able to get a picture of the Butter Tart Tour logo.  Country Mart won best tart crust in the competition!

The tart

First Impressions – looked delicious, very flaky and buttery

***there are pecans in this tart, only because they were sold out of plain ones when we got there.  I picked them out as I HATE nuts in my tarts, and to make it fair.



The Verdict


– rich, flaky and buttery crust
– good consistency of the filling
– good sweetness


– excellent crust, light, flaky and very buttery
– filling was thick, not so sweet, but good taste
– 8.5

These were very good tarts.   I would go back again for more and try other varieties like the raisin!  The judges were right this crust was delicious!


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