My New Kitchen Toy


Introducing my new kitchen toy – A Grill Press Pan!  2 years ago for my birthday I got a Panini Press, I loved it while it lasted…first one lasted about 6 months, second one (replacement) maybe 8 months.  So I have been without Panini/grilled sandwiches for quite some time.  Last week I hosted a Pampered Chef Party and this was the Host Special (it was a steal!).  I was quite excited to give it a try.




I didn’t have a whole lot in the house so this is what I managed to put together… While the grill was preheating I prepared the sandwich. I made a garlic mayo, with turkey breast, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese


Butter is sizzling as soon as it hits the grill!


Doing its magic under the heavy press…


Looks fantastic!!



This sandwich was simple but so delicious!  I don’t know what happens to a sandwich when you put it in a grill press/panini press, but there is literally magic that goes on in there.  I have eaten this sandwich many, many times, but grilling it just brought it to a while new level.

I must say I think I like the stove top version much better then the electric one.  This one seemed to have more even heat and I was able to control the heat more, as I can see the flame and there is nothing to break down on this one.  The outside was beautifully crunchy adding such great texture to the sandwich.

I look forward to creating many, many more delicious sandwiches…stay tuned!

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