Raisin Pie with Gramma


Cross this one off the Bucket List, I made Gramma’s Raisin Pie!  I have wanted to do this for a long time.  I am not a pie fan, there are only 2 kinds of pie that I really care for, raisin and pecan.  Both of these pies are super sweet and delicious!  The reason I don’t like pie is because if I am going to have dessert, I want something ooey and gooey, not fruit, and most pies are fruit.

Raisin pie is not something you see very often, infact I have never seen raisin pie anywhere other than Gramma’s.  It must be out there somewhere though because many people say they don’t like it, who knows? I can remember having Gramma’s raisin pie when I was very little.  Gramma  always had pie around, home-made from scratch pies, raisin was my favourite.  Not a whole lot of people like it so she didn’t make it that often, but when she did I was always sure to get a piece.  I think it was only Poppa, Gramma, Mom , Dad and I who like it.

Each time Gramma made one I would always say “you have to show me how to make your pie”.  For years we always agreed that we would get together and make it but never did, until today!  I made a point of setting up a date over Christmas holidays to go to Gramma’s and make pie.  Gramma already had the pie crust made, it just needed to be rolled (by the way, you will never have a better crust then Gramma’s).

So now the bad news…

This recipe is a secret!  You can get a visual and some of Gramma’s tips for a great pie, but the recipe is top secret!  Sorry!

Gramma’s Raisin Pie in Pictures

1. Rinse raisins


2. Combine ingredients in medium pot


The spice


3. Simmer on low to cook raisins


While it’s cooking we moved onto the crust.  Gramma already had a bunch of her dough already made up, check it out, mine has NEVER looked like this!



4. ** Tip #1 from Gramma** Prepare your pan for the dough.  Lightly butter your pie plate. Makes the crust brown up AND it doesn’t stick!


5. ** Tip #2  from Gramma** Getting the dough into the pie plate.  I always struggled with this, I would try to roll the dough around the rolling pin, and try to quickly move it over to the plate, usually ripping along the way and I would have to patch it all together.  Gramma did this, my mind was blown!

Fold twice as you see…



Transfer to pie plate and unfold



Voila! Perfect, no rips, no patching! Mind blowing….it’s the little things that amuse me 🙂

Trim and wait for filling to be ready


6. Back to the raisins…bring the simmer to a boil and add the ‘secret ingredient’


7. Remove from heat – set in sink of cold water to cool


8. Once cool pour in your prepared shell


9. **Tip #3 from Gramma** Use a lattice top and a runny pie will never run over! Cover with lattice top



10. Bake until golden




Delicious filling still bubbling


Completed two amazing pies.  We did one together to show me how, then I made one and asked questions as needed.  Look how well they turned out!  Had a great teacher 🙂


Hours later at home when cooled it was time for the tasting….


Look at that!  Perfect!  The filling was delicious.  Raisins were plump, sauce was every so sweet with a hint of spice. The consistency was spot on.  Not too thick, not too runny, just right.


The crust was perfect and rich and flaky.  The combination of the two are out of this world!


I have made the perfect pie.  If I never make another kind of pie in my life it’s ok, because I can make a killer raisin pie!

Thank you Gramma for a great day and taking the time to show me your amazing recipe.  I will be making this for many more years to come!

On a side note, I was search to see if there was anything similar to Gramma’s recipe I came across something crazy!  There is someone out there who loved raisin pie as much as me.  This person loved it so much they wrote a song about it! HAHA.  Kinda silly yet funny, check it out here

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