Chocolate Marshmallow Squares


This recipe is a family favourite, but it seems to be just a family favourite.  I have not come across many people outside the family who really enjoy this square as much as we do.  This is my Dad’s favourite treat! He has always loved it, it is one his Mother (my Nana) made.  Each year when I start making my Christmas baking list I ask Mom and Dad what they would like me to make, Dad always says “I’d be happy with just that chocolate marshmallow square, that would be great” and of course every year I make it.  It like so many other recipes only seems to get made at Christmas.  It’s quite simple and we think quite delicious.

Chocolate Marshmallow Square

24 marshmallows or equivalent in mini 2 oz semi sweet chocolate dark
2 1/2 cups graham crumbs, plus extra for dusting
1 can Eagle Brand Milk
1 tsp butter, plus extra to grease pan


1. In a large bowl measure out graham crumbs and marshmallows and set aside.  I usually count out approx. 120 mini marshmallows

2. Liberally butter a 8×8 baking dish and sprinkle with graham crumbs, just as you would if flouring a cake pan


3. In a double boiler melt chocolate and butter



4. Add Eagle Brand Milk and stir until combined



5. Pour over marshmallows and graham crumbs – stir , you will need to move quickly as it hardens quickly as the mixture cools


6. When mixture is combined pour into your prepared baking dish and press into corners.  Mixture will not flow you will need to press it in with a fork


7. Sprinkle the top with more graham crumbs, just a light coating, this is optional, but we like it (forgot to take a picture of this)

8. Cover and refrigerate to cool

9. Once cool and set, cut and enjoy!


It does not win any awards for best in show, its kinda ugly, but oh so delicious!


I, like Dad, love this square.  I have heard it described as ‘kinda like a smore’ I guess because of having a lot of the same ingredients, but I disagree.  The chocolate that surrounds the marshmallows is firm, but not rock hard and kind of dry.  The soft marshmallows complement the texture of the chocolate.  This treat is not overly sweet but definitely satisfies a sweet craving.  My description and pictures do not do the square justice.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just a ‘family thing’ we like it, you might too!

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