Pie Pops

Pie on a stick? Really? YES!  I have seen this idea popping (pardon the pun) up more and more lately.  A few years back I jumped on the Cake Pop ban wagon, they were amazing, but pie on a stick? This I had to try!

I am not a huge fan of pie but this just seems fun! Come on, its pie on a stick! Anything on a stick just makes it that much better. Cake pops, just a bite, feels like it doesn’t even count.  Meat on a stick, I would never eat a steak but a beef shish kabob, count me in! That being said I am relying on these little wonders to make me a pie fan!

When I told people I was making Pie on a Stick I had many naysayers and disbelievers, but I told them I was confident it would work!  I decided to go with my new favourite pie dough, but you could use any recipe you like or roll out your favourite frozen dough. You can use any filling you like, though I would suggest one that is fairly solid, pumpkin pie would be too runny.  The filling needs to hold its shape as your form the pop.  I went with apple.

Pie Pops

1. Roll out your favourite pie dough and cut as many circles as you can

2. Place a small amount of filling on circle, slightly more than a teaspoon.

3. Cover with another circle and add stick

4. Press and seal edges with another stick, or a fork

5. Place on a lined cookie and sprinkle with sugar, bake until golden brown

I also make some without sticks, more like a ‘pie cookie’

Oh. My. God. These were excellent!  I may have been converted to a pie fan.  They were fun to eat, 2-3 bites (or one big one) and its gone, no plate or fork required! They were kind of time-consuming to make, but once in a while I’d say it’s worth it.  I used a 1.5 inch cookie cutter, next time I would use a 2 inch, just to get a little more filling and would be easier to handle.  I think next I will try a chocolate peanut butter pie!


One thought on “Pie Pops

  1. Hi Erica,

    I made a big boo-boo in entering your orange blender muffins into the WW recipe builder. I was making yet another batch and printed out the recipe from my recipes in etools when I noticed there was no butter in my recipe (also no degree for baking…duh!) So the WW points is increased to 6 pts which I still think is worth it. Linda’s at WW tonight so I haven’t told her the bad news yet.

    Keep up the good work. I love your site. (Say hi to Michael for me)


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