Thanksgiving 2012

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and the views are breathtaking! Here are a few of the scenes we were thankful to see before our delicious Thanksgiving feast!

Ok, now on to the good stuff! Mom and Dad were the hosts of Thanksgiving this year and it was wonderful as usual.  Unfortunately,  we were down in numbers this year, not everyone was able to attend, but we were thankful for the ones that could come.  It was a beautiful fall day, a little cool so we were not able to sit outside, (last year we were roasting out on the deck at thanksgiving).  Mom out did her self again!  She put a sit-down meal on for 18 people, it was delicious!

Scalloped potatoes, sweet glazed yams and carrots on the BBQ

Amazing pineapple glazed ham

Things got a little busy and I didn’t get pictures of everything but the rest of the meal included, green beans, corn, Mom’s homemade coleslaw, warm bread and the usual pickles etc.

The meal was fantastic! So delicious that everyone was so focused on their eating that they didn’t even notice I was taking the picture.  No family meal is complete with out a candid shot of everyone eating ( I try to get one every year, haha) This one is pretty mild, usually someone is stuffing their face with something lol.  Thank you Mom for another amazing family meal – you out did yourself yet again!

And then for dessert… I made Death by Chocolate and Pumpkin Pie – both were a huge hit


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