Death by Chocolate

Happy Thanksgiving!!  I love Thanksgiving weekend.  Each year we have a big family meal with everyone who can attend, usually anywhere from 15 -25 people.  It is only about 3 times a year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, where we are able to all get together, this year it is at Mom and Dad’s  and we all sit around a huge table, its wonderful!  I just love when we all sit down together.  This year I was asked to bring dessert.  I usually end up bringing some sort of cheesecake, but this year I wanted to do something different.  I did end up going with the traditional Pumpkin Pie, which is a standard with Thanksgiving, kinda like turkey and dressing(which we are not having!!!).  For the second dessert I went with Death by Chocolate.  It is a nice light dessert after a big meal.  Now when I say ‘light’ I mean oppose to a heavy cheesecake, not ‘light’ as in healthy (that would just be silly!).  This dessert is so easy and such a delicious treat.  It is a great item to take to a dinner or potluck.

Death By Chocolate

1 batch of your favourite Chocolate cake or Brownies
2 boxes of mousse or chocolate pudding
1 tub of Cool Whip
4 Skor Bars
Caramel sauce (optional)


1. Prepare cake or brownies according to package or use your own recipe.  Allow cake to cool and cut into cubes

2. Prepare Mousse or Pudding according to package.  If you are really ambitious you could make it from scratch!

3. Chop Skor bars into small pieces

4. Thaw Cool Whip.  Again, if you were ambitious you could make your own whipped cream

5.  Begin layering all ingredients – there is not a specific order to follow. Just go with it.


Mousse and Skor

Half the Cool Whip and Caramel Sauce

Remainder of Mousse, Skor and Caramel Sauce

Remainder of the cake and Cool Whip, top with Skor


This was a huge hit! There was only 2 servings left.  This is a nice ‘light’ dessert after a big meal.  The mousse and Cool Whip really complement the rich chocolate cake and Skor. Highly recommend this one!


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