I have a Confession…

As I have mentioned in many posts, growing up there was not much baking in our house.  Mom can cook a fantastic meal but does not like to bake.   Mom’s Rice Crispy Squares are one of my/our family favourites and Mom made them quite a lot.

Your probably thinking, Really? Rice Crispy Squares? How simple and boring! Someone who loves to bake and create and one of her favourites is Rice Krispies  Squares.  If you are thinking that, then you have not had my Mom’s Rice Krispies Squares.  They are to die for!!!  I don’t know how she does it, but NO ONE’S stand even close to her’s.  She uses the same ingredients that the “original recipe” on the box calls for, but in different proportions.  They are so ooey and goooy and heavenly delicious.

I will always remember the commercial they had in the early 90’s advertising that Rice Krispies Squares were so simple, but so good.  The woman would throw flour all over herself then emerge from the kitchen looking exhausted!

Confession time…

I have made many complicated, delicate, time-consuming and detailed desserts, BUT, to save my life, I can not make a good Rice Krispies Square! Sounds stupid right? Anyone can make Rice Krispies Squares! WRONG!!! I can’t!  I have followed the recipe, I have done my own version, I have even watched and taken notes from Mom and they still turn out horrible!  They always taste horribly stale, dry, old, you name it, yuck!  Four ingredients and I mess it up.

Today I had a request for some Rice Krispies Squares to use up the Giant Campfire marshmallows we had.  I packed up all 4 ingredients (marshmallows, butter, vanilla and Rice Crispies) and headed to Mom’s and asked her to make them for me.  Each time I ask her she laughs at me, But, I seriously cant make them taste right.

Here is Mom’s Rice Krispies Squares

This is my favourite part.

Cleaning out the pot and wooden spoon and eating the warm gooey left overs!

Perfect every time!

Anyone else have something that is so easy that you just can’t master???


5 thoughts on “I have a Confession…

  1. Have you ever tried it with Mars Bars instead of marshmallows ?
    It’s amazing !! you should try it if you haven’t
    and I’m sure it’s easier than marshmallows …

  2. You’re welcome
    I have a question, should I put a pot of boiling water under the marshmallows pot ? or directly on the stove flame ?
    ’cause in the Mars recipe I melt the chocolate on boiling water

    1. No need for the pot of water, just put it on low and watch. I (I guess I should say Mom) has never had them burn. They melt up nicely. But if you are nervous of them burning you could also melt them in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring between each. Hope this helps

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