My Birthday Cake

I must start off by saying how much I love my birthday!!!  Ever since I was little I have loved my birthday, not just my birthday but anyones birthday.  It is your special day and I think you should embrace it!  I usually start announcing it in mid April.  I don’t do it looking for gifts or to be waited on, I just really like the day.

Usually it is me making the birthday cakes, but I REFUSE to make my own!!!  I would go cake-less before I would make my own cake.  Growing up I can remember Mom making ‘money cakes’.  Baked inside the cake was nickles, dimes and quarters (loonies and twoonies were not invented yet, Yes, im from Canada)  were wrapped in tin foil.  We would all be so excited to see who would get the most money in their piece.   Then we moved on to the Baskin Robins ice cream cakes.  My personal favourite was World Class, a blend of vanilla and chocolate, with fudge icing, OMG was it good!!!  The fudge icing was the kicker, I’m not even sure if they have them anymore.  From there I moved on to having brownies, not jut any brownies, Loretta’s home-made brownies with her homemade icing.  They are freaking phenomenal!!!  I have made them in the past and they are not anywhere as good as when she makes them.

People would always say, I’ll buy you a cake, it will look nicer!  I always say NO!  I don’t care what it looks like, the fact that someone takes the time to make me a cake is so much more important.  This year Mom was on cake duty.  I picked out the kind, Duncan Hines Spice Cake with my homemade icing and provided the recipe.  My only request was that it was a layer cake.  I much prefer the icing to cake ratio in a layer cake then in a slab cake.  Cake without icing or with not enough icing is just wrong.  I don’t think it is possible to put too much icing on a cake.

When I arrived to Mom and Dads for my Birthday Dinner ( a lovely ham dinner with roasted potatoes and green beans, my favourite!!!) the cake was sitting on the kitchen table, it was beautiful!  It was just what I asked for, a layer cake with lots of icing.  I loved it!!  Mom did an awesome job!  I think the first thing she said, after Happy Birthday, was ‘my god, I’m not a baker! That was a lot of work, you should have seen the mess I was in’.  I just laughed because it is so relaxing for me, I love to bake.  Mom is more the “cooker”, she can make anything and it tastes good.  There was only 3 meals in my entire life that she made that I did not enjoy.

After eating my delicious birthday dinner it was time for cake.  It was delicious!!  I loved every bit of it, especially that it was made with love from Mom.  Even though I know she does not like to bake, it meant a lot and I loved it!

Thank you for another wonderful Birthday!!!


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