Icing Technique

Dad’s Birthday is May 1st and requested, as usual, a lemon cake.  He didn’t want anything fancy, “just a simple lemon cake”. So that I did.  I wanted to spruce it up a tad, not just doing the boring spread icing.

A few weeks ago while browsing Pinterest (amazing site, I highly recommend it!) I found a chocolate cake that was decorated like this.  I knew I wanted to try it but wasn’t sure when I would get the chance.  Usually when I get a cake request it is for a theme cake, not often do I get to do a plane one.  So, when Dad requested a ‘simple lemon cake’ it was my perfect opportunity.

1.  Layer your cake as you normally would, icing in the middle

2. Put a thin  ‘crumb’ coat of icing on the entire cake

3. Fill piping bag with a medium to large size round tip

4.  Create a row of vertical dots, 3-4 depending on the hight of your cake

5.  With a spatula, spread every dot to the right (or left, depending on your handedness) in one motion

6. Wipe spatula clean and move up to the next dot

7. and again

8. Start the next row by slightly overlapping the first

9. Continue until all the way around the cake

10. To Finish the top, I placed dots all the way around the outside of the cake and slid the spatula towards the centre

Voila! Very simple.  Next time your doing a round cake, give this a try.


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