A Day in New York City

On Friday, the start of March break, I was a very luck girl!  Kris and Selena took us to New York City! I had not been there since 2004, and it rained most of the time we where there, ick, I have been wanting to go back ever since. They had an agenda planned from a few things I said I wanted to do while there.  I wanted to see the typical tourist things, Statue of Liberty, Skyline, Top of the Rockefeller Centre, Time Square etc.  We only had one day so I am going to have to go back and do more, the city is just too big to do all the things I wanted! You are probably wondering why I am writing about a Trip to NYC on my foodblog, well we made one very special stop…keep reading to see where I got to go!!!

We headed to the city around 9:30 am.  Unbenounced to me we took the “path train”, it’s a subway!  I was told we were taking the ferry, as I am extremely clausterphobic.  It was not until on the way it was announced we were taking the “path”.  Trying not to ruin everyone’s day, I tried to keep it together all the while going scanners inside :S

After getting to Hoboken, New Jersey and parking the car we walked to our first destination….

Yep! That’s right! I was at Carlo’s Bakery!!!  The Carlo’s Bakery that is on TLC’s Cake Boss!!  I had wanted to go there for so long, Kris and Selena made it happen! When we drove by there was no line.  After we parked the car and walked there, we had to wait outside for about 20 minutes, not too bad.  It went by really fast as I was super excited and we were taking lots of pictures.

These people were from Italy!

Of course I had to get one too!

Store front.  See the 97? We were number 117, a ways to go…

After about 25 minutes we got in

I was quite surprised at the size, it was very small. Display cases up both sides and cash registers at the end.

Cakes and Cookies

Tried to get a shot of the back


I’m in Carlo’s Bakery!!!!

Biggest strawberries I have ever seen

Fake display cakes around the store

This one was amazing!

Cakes ready to be picked up

Cupcakes – we got a chocolate and a carrot

The Lobster Tail

Mike got one, said it was amazing! Worth the trip its self!

Kris had the girl with served us come take a picture we me, (we didn’t see anyone from the show) all the while saying very loudly how they will see me soon on TLC with Erica’s Edibles….quite embarrassing!

When we got inside things went quite quickly.  They were at #112, I figured the length of time we waited outside I would have lots of time to look around and see what to get.  For some reason when they were calling the numbers no one was answering so they got to us quite quickly.  Without having seen everything I quickly said I would have a brownie and a chocolate cupcake.  After having paid and seeing more I would make a different selection next time, because there will be a next time!

When we were finished at Carlo’s we had to hightail it to the “path” as we were running behind.  We did not get a chance to drop the Carlo’s bag off in the car, so it came with us to the city.  I get in the train (underground, I might add) and try to keep my mind off of where I am so I started digging in the Bakery bag.  Mike started eating his Lobster tail, powdered sugar everywhere! I make him wait so I can take a picture of it because some people back home wanted me to bring them one, but I knew it would not last, I figured a picture would do.  I then get a shot of Kris and Selena breaking into the Coffee cake, it looked heavenly.  Then I proceed to take a shot of the lovely chocolate cupcake.  Just as I take a beautiful shot  a very serious security lady walks up to us.  She says “you know that picture you just took?” (we were all thinking she was impressed that we had been to Carlo’s Bakery) “You are going to have to delete them ALL or you are subject to a large fine”  WOW! were we taken aback!  So, I am already freaking out being on the “path” now I have to delete the main picture I wanted from the trip!  As I am shaking with nervousness trying to remember how to delete the pictures (it took me a few trys, I was that freaked out, couldnt for the life of me how to delete pictures from my own camera!) I hear her say that it is also against the rules to eat on the train.  I am somewhere I don’t want to be and I have broken 2 rules!!!  Get me out of here!!!  You are not allowed to eat on the “path” because of the rats and can’t take pictures because it is the train that takes you to the 9/11 memorial. Understandable.

So this is the only picture I managed to keep

So, defeated, I pack up everything and I try to hold it together.  I see the walls buzzing by me like 4 inches away, there is no getting out of this! I am praying that it doesn’t stop and we get stuck underground.  We finally make it to our destination, the 15 minutes that felt like 15 hours, I was never so happy to see the light of day and fresh air.

Because we were running late we didn’t have time to put the treats in the car before we got on the “path”  we had to carry them all over New York for the day.  We all had our turns, they were dropped a few times before then ended up in a backpack for the remainder of the trip. What was left did not survive so well…

My beautiful chocolate cupcake, looked so much nicer in the picture I had to delete!

The coffee cake with thick crumb topping

Did not get a picture of the cannoli before someone ate it, I hear it was wonderful.

The verdict – The coffee cake was wonderful!  that crumb topping was amazing!  I am going to have to find a recipe for something like this.

The carrot cupcake was not so great.

The chocolate cupcake itself was not fantastic but the icing was great!

I will definitely go back to Carlo’s.  Next time I won’t be so awestruck and will be better prepared to order.  They also have a cool order on-line feature.  You can order your items online, then set up a specific pick up time, to skip the line.

It was an amazing experience!  Thank you Kris and Selena for making it happen 🙂

We went out for lunch in little Italy, to a place called Lunella.  It was amazing! check it out here.  I didn’t get any pictures as it seemed a little fancy to whip out the camera, but I wish I had of.

We had a fantastic day in NYC.  There is so much to see and do, you need about a week to do everything you want.  This just means I HAVE to go back 🙂

Thanks again Ladies


2 thoughts on “A Day in New York City

  1. OMG I totally want to check out that Bakery. A one-day trip is not possible though, as I live in Windsor, ON. You must live pretty close to NY.

    What was in the Lobster Tail? How were the prices?

    LOVE your blog!

  2. Thank you so much!!
    I acutally live in PTBO, but my fiance’s family lives in NJ, so they are only 20 minutes from the Bakery. We were donw there for 5 days and spent one in NY.
    I did not get to try the lobster tail, but Mike said it was delicious! Said it was the best pastry he has ever had and well worth the trip to just get another one. The centre is filled with a custard cream. The prices were pretty good. We got 2 cupcakes, a canolli, a lobstertail, 1 brownie, a few cookies and a piece of NY cruble cake (which ended up being about 8×11 inches, thought we were just getting a small piece) and it was $23, not bad.

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