I finally decided to tackle something I have been saying I was going to do for years…..organize my recipes!!!  Not many people have seen my recipe collection, it is a bit ‘scary’ for lack of a better term.  I have hundreds of recipes, some good, some bad, some I will try, some I will probably never try, but all of them are jammed into two file folders.  One folder is for desserts and the other is for everything else.

Now, one might think that the big thick pile would be the ‘everything else’ recipe folder, NOPE!  The big thick one is all sweets and treats, the other small one ‘everything else’.  This clearly shows my hate for cooking and my LOVE for baking!

For years I have been saying I wanted to organize my recipes, the current system, or lack there of, was just not working.  Every time I would search for a recipe disaster struck, sheets would go flying, it was chaotic really.  Thumbing through each page trying not to drop the whole lot on the floor.

Try finding anything in that mess

I had a hard time coming up with how I wanted to do it.  Many people suggested typing all my recipes and putting them on the computer, to save space and would be easy to call up a recipe.  Although this sounds good I am fussy when it comes to my recipes.  I much prefer a hand written recipe than a typed one.  There is just something more personal about a recipe that someone took the time to sit down and write.  I guess it stems back to before computers and type writers when people actually wrote!  I love having recipes from my Nana that are in here hand writing, that are stained with the listed ingredients.  Knowing that she took the time to write it, held it and used several times to make desserts for my Dad when he was young, just makes it special.  Just having a print off doesn’t do it for me.

You can always tell how goo a recipe is by how dirty it was.  The good ones were always covered in ingredients and fingerprints

Recipes in my Nana’s writing.  Since she passed away means that much more

There must be a better way!

In an effort to make myself get organized, for Christmas 2010 I asked for a recipe book.  I didn’t want just any recipes book, I wanted my Mom to write out her recipes and put them in a book.  Nothing fancy, just her everyday recipes.

This was the book

It is a photo album book with the peel back pages with several of her recipes

As much as I loved the book, it failed to motivate me to get the rest of my recipes organized!  They stayed in the growing folder until now!  I had a minor (well maybe a major) fit while trying to find a recipe.  I thumbed through, page after page after page.  I knew exactly what the page I was looking for looked like but would not see if for the life of me.

It was early on a Sunday morning, I immediately got up and  struck into town, to Staples.  It was getting done today! After 45 minutes in the store I got a big binder, 100 sheet protectors and some sticky divider tabs.  The cashier saw my items and said “oh this looks like a project, not fun!” I told her that it was indeed a project but a good one, making a recipe book.  She thought I should bring her back some treats from the book as she had 4 essays due that night….Anyways…

Back at home all motivated to get organized.  I dive into the mess and start several piles for sections, Squares, Pies, Breads, Odds n’ Sods, Cakes, Cupcakes, etc.  I even had a throw out pile, for those recipes that have been hanging around for years that you know you will never make, but looked good at the time.

Several hours later I had two organized cook books!

Blue book is strictly baking, all sweets and treats.  The red book everything else. Each book is filled with sheet protectors filled with old recipes, new recipes and WILL try recipes.  Each is categorized into sections so it is easy to find what I am looking for

I love my new books!  They are easily stored, easy to find things in and are full of memories.  There are a few of those boring ‘typed’ recipes but those ones are ones that I have found and tried.  I look forward to filling these books with more wonderful creations to pass on.

Next time you ask for a recipe have the person write it out.  It is something you will have forever and always remember them by.  With the same respect if you give someone a recipe write it out, you never know, it just may bring a smile to their face in years to come 🙂


One thought on “Organization!

  1. what a lovely post. I can understand how priceless your nana’s recipes are for you. I also have a very old recipe book passed down by my husband’s grandmother. Its really precious.

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