Sushi Sunday

Since my first attempt at making sushi I have been wanting to make more!  What I was waiting for, I am not sure.  It’s been nearly 8 months so I gave it another go.  This weekend was rainy, cold and very windy, a perfect weekend to spend in the kitchen.  Saturday was dedicated to the October Daring Bakers Challenge (stay tuned for that on the 27th) and Sunday was Sushi day.  This time I was a little more confident so I did a few different flavours, a little more adventurous!  For anyone out there who is scared to try making sushi, DONT BE! It is so easy.  The hardest part is making the rice (much easier now that I have a rice maker, but I will go into more detail about that fantastic little device another time) the rest is fun, and the combinations are endless.  Most supplies can be purchased at your local grocery store, but I would advise getting the majority of the Asian ingredients at an Asian grocery Store.  They tend to be a lot cheaper, they are also very helpful in suggesting what you need.

Sushi Rice

This is my own combination of amounts.  I made a batch and followed the amounts given for most recipes and found that there was way too much rice vinegar.  I can’t stand the smell of the rice vinegar, it just about gags me, especially when it is warming.  When I put it on the rice it was way to much and was too wet.  This amount worked much better and was not over powering.  Tasted great!

2 1/4 cups Sushi Rice

3 Tablespoon Rice Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Sugar

1 teaspoon Salt


1. Combine Rice  Vinegar, sugar and salt.  Warm in a pot stirring until dissolved.  Set aside to cool.

2. To prepare your sushi rice for cooking see here, in a pervious post.

3. Place rice in rice cooker and add required amount of water oulined by your rice cooker

4.  Set it and forget it!  No, it’s not a Turkey Roaster, but same idea.  This rice cooker was an excellent investment and only $10!!

See, just perfect!

5. Place Rice in a non metallic bowl

6. Pour Rice Vinegar mixture over rice and gently, making sure not to damage rice, cut/stir until absorbed and rice is at room temperature.  Rice will be very sticky

7. Cover with a wet towel until ready to use.


Making The Sushi

1. Wrap your sushi roller in plastic wrap to keep it clean and prevent sticking

2. Break or cut a sheet of Nori in half and place it shiny side down

3. Wet hands (very important or the rice will stick  to your hands, not fun!)

4. Take a handful, approx half cup, or rice and press it on the nori, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds, optional

5. Flip over and place desired filling

Sweet Potato and Spicy Mayo

Crab (the real stuff, not those “crab” sticks), Avocado and Spicy Mayo

Spicy Tuna

California Roll – Crab, Cucumber and Avocado

Forgot to take a picture of the Chicken one

6.  Roll and press slightly to seal

7. Wet a shape knife (to prevent sticking) and slice into desired amount of peaches.  I found 8 made the perfect size.


Tray for Dad to take home

Mom does not like the nori, so I attempted to make her some with out.  She said they were good!

Second attempt at sushi was a success!  They turned out quite well, they were not pretty, but tasted pretty good!    Next time I will make more with tempura, they are my favourite!


3 thoughts on “Sushi Sunday

  1. Love your blog! The sushi looks amazing.
    Just a question…in the sweet potato/spicy mayo roll…is the sweet potato cooked?

    1. Thank you! Yes, the sweet potato is cook. I cut it into large sticks and boiled until just tender. I like it to have a bit of a bite, not mushy. Sorry, I should have stated that.

  2. Well done! I’ve attempted sushi once before and it was a disaster – seaweed was incredibly chewy and rice wouldn’t hold it shape. Sushi making is an art and you’ve done really well!

    Looking forward to the tempura sushi! They are my favorite! x

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