BBQ Thanksgiving

This year Thanksgiving was unseasonably warm, 28 C with the humidity! Usually Thanksgiving dinner means the oven is on all day, pots are steaming away, house is full and HOT!!!  We wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather, but still enjoy our wonderful thanksgiving meal, without having the house 40C!  Mom had the fantastic idea of cooking the meal on the BBQ’s.  Nothing unusual for us, Mom has 2 BBQ’s  and cooks on the BBQ all the time, I don’t think there is a food  she has not BBQed.  Back in our boating days she would be sitting under a wee umbrella cooking up breakfast, or a fantastic dinner.  So if anyone can master an entire Thanksgiving dinner on the BBQ, it’s Mom!!! The only thing not cooked on the BBQ was the biscuits I made.   The photos are not the best, it was on my phone, forgot my camera.

The menu

Glazed Ham

Scalloped Potatoes

Green Bean, Sweet Potatoes and Corn

Another amazing Thanksgiving dinner, everything was delicious.  Thanks Mom!!!


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