My New Love!

I got an early birthday present  from Mike this year, a Panini Press!!! I have always wanted a one but thought it would be a bad idea because I know I will eat waaaaaaaaay to many sandwiches. And yes I am that excited about it to make a post, although I did not pose with it as I did with my Kitchen Aid Mixer, I was made fun of too much!

This not only is a panini press its a griddle and a grill

So of course for dinner that night we had to have panini sandwiches.  Off to the store we went to get some bread and buns and a few other ingredients to make our own sandwiches.

Italian bread, pesto, chicken, roasted red peppers and cheese

Marinara Sauce and Cheese

Ham, cheese, onion, black olives

Chicken, peppers, onions, cheese, black olives, marinara, mayo

The final product

WOW! Were they good!  I think mine, the top one, would give St. Veronus a run for their money.  I really hope the novelty wears off soon….eating too many sandwiches!


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