Cobourg Ribfest

Cobourg is about an hour away from where we live, but every year we make the trek to attend their Rotary Rib Fest, it is one of the best around.  When you get close there are signs to follow but really all you need to do is roll down your window and follow the aromas wafting from the bbq smokers…

A few pictures from the Cobourg Rib Fest

Most of the ribbers are the same so I will just show you the new ones and the ones we ate at this time….

My parents and I all ate at Bibb’s, it was fabulous!  Their pulled pork was so tender and had such great flavour.  Their bbq sauce was killer! I tried this one because I saw that you were able to put on your own sauce and I like mine saucy.

I may have got a little carried away with the sauce but Oh My God was it good!

Dad had their rib combo with slaw and beans.  The loved the ribs, the slaw and beans were a little to be desired…kinda like canned beans and very bland slaw, but the meat made up for it.

Mike tried a new one as well this time, Uncle Sam’s From Albuquerque.  He quite enjoyed it.   It was finished while i was in line, so no picture….

One thing we like about the Cobourg ribfest is they also have other food fair to try.  Here are a few that we could just not turn down…

The Bloomin Onion, battered and deep-fried, oh so yummy!

Butterfly Fries – basically homemade potato chips that they make to order and are warm when you get them….very good!

All in all great day, great food, but we did have to make a mad exit when it started to downpour.


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