Peterborough Ribfest 2010

I was quite excited to go Peterborough’s ribfest this year, as it is my hometown.  The venue changed this year and I would not say for the better, it was just not big enough.

The Crazy Canuck was pretty good, they gave HUGE portions, this was my Pulled Pork Sandwich, for only $7

At least 2 meals out of this sucker, would have been way better with more of their sauce.  Their sauce was Excellent!

I got my first pulled pork sandwich here at Jack the Ribber.  Thoroughly disappointed, I think the pig must have ran across Canada getting to Peterborough it was so tough, dry and super salty!  A couple bites and I couldn’t eat it, and notice the size difference and for the same price $7

Would not recommend them at all.  I guess the short line should have been  a red flag!

Have had Crabby’s before, it is pretty good.

Dad tried Fat Albert’s, it was more like a pork stew, quite watery.  Dad really like it from here.  He got ribs to take home, have not got the verdict on them yet.

Overall, we were not impressed with Peterborough’s Ribfest.  Probably wont go back.  Looking forward to Cobourg’s it was amazing last year!


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