British Chips

When we were are the Pickering Ribfest on the weekend they also had other vendors, we stumbled across Simply British.  They had all these weird flavours of chips imported in, they were 4 for $5 so we thought we would give some a try.

They are made by Lay’s, here is the verdict…left to right, top to botteom

Pickled Onion – EWWW was so strong made you pucker up.  I love that in salt and vinegar but these tasted horrible!

Roasted Chicken – not a big fan.  They had a funny taste to them.  We have a roasted chicken chip in Canada that is good, this was not.

BBQ Ribs – these ones were OK, one of the better ones.  Not something I would have again tho.

Cheese and Onion – These were actually pretty good.  I would get them again.  They were like the Aux Gratin chips you can get, but with a hint of onion.

Prawn Cocktail – Absolutely disgusting! that is all i have to say about that!

French Fries, salt and vinegar – these were my favourite.  They were shaped like fries with salt and vinegar flavour

Steak and Onion – another good one.  Had a nice smokey flavour. I would have again

Worcester Sauce – yuck! tasted like no Worcester sauce I have ever had

They were fun to try, but probably won’t be going back to get anymore.


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