Christmas Baking!

First off I would like to wish Everyone a Very Merry Christmas.  I hope everyone has a very safe and happy Christmas Season.

One of my favourite things about Christmas  is Christmas baking!  I have fond memories of helping Mom in the kitchen making homemade shortbread (her signature baked item, no one makes them better!) cookies and bars.  Unfortunately, I have the biggest sweet tooth so I like to bake and give it away.  Giving is the best part of the Christmas Season!

Over the past few weeks we have made an assortment of different cookies.  I prefer to make bars, but they do not travel as well so we stuck to cookies this year.  Check out a few of this years selections, everything is made from scratch!

Shortbread it really isn’t Christmas without them.  I can not remember a single Christmas where these were not on the cookie tray, or left out for Santa with a big glass of milk.

Macaroons – The real ones, not those finicky things we had to make back in October! These macaroons are simple yet very delicious, everyone seems to really enjoy.

Chocolate Chipthis is one that I am struggling with, I cant seem to find one that I am really happy with though there are never any left so they must be ok…

Santa Cookies This is a new one for me.  Gramma has made them for quite a while and I took a stab at them this year.  They are full of cherries, dates, nuts and a hint of cinnamon, very nice.

Oatmeal Cookies – these were a total disaster, no one received any of these, another cookie that I cant find a good recipe for.

Chocolate Bark – I love to make bark!  Some years I am very creative and make all sorts of different flavours with different fillings.  This year I stuck with milk chocolate and almonds, with a splash of red and white to make it a little festive!

Peanut Butter Cups – I got this recipe from a friend at work.  They are so simple and so delicious! – Thanks Shauna

Eggs and Bacon – Yes I know, it sounds very odd!  I saw these done at work and fell in love with them.   They have the sweet and salty combination and they are ever so good!

Christmas Treat? – I’m not really sure the name of these ones.  A friend at work showed me how to make these ones, very simple yet super yummy and so pretty. The salt of the pretzel and the sweet from the hug are an excellent combination. – Thanks Gina!

Sugar Cookies –  something I have just recently taking a liking to.  I did the mixing and the shapes and Mike did all of the decorating, he is very creative.  They turned out very well, team effort!  This recipe is quite good and so very festive!

Gift Boxes – This is how I sent them out…I hope they were enjoyed!


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